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Monday, September 28, 2009

Yes, we're late again... sorry

This week was very exciting for Devin and I. This week was more explosive than the big bang. Most of the explosions came from the lips of my super fine wife, but there were other exciting things as well. This Tuesday was our favorite Tuesday of the month. We had pack meeting and for the second month in a row I got to lead pack meeting. It really is fun to lead and put the boys front and center for the meeting. This month the subject was pockets. I started the meeting by asking what the boys had in their pocket. The boys had some interesting stuff in their pockets. One kid had a fireball, another had rubber bands, a couple had pocket lint. The most interesting thing in the kids pockets was gum the boy claimed that it was ABC gum for tomorrow. For those of you who do not know what ABC gum is- gum that has Already Been Chewed. The boys then showed off their collections. Everyone had a great time playing and getting to show off their stuff. Devin was very sad to have missed all the fun. Devin was forced to go to a work meeting and sign up for the holiday schedule. She did show up after everything ended and got some crushed Oreo held together by cream cheese and then dipped in chocolate. We really like working with the cub scouts it is lots of fun for us.

Wednesday was one of the busier days. Devin and I went and got family pictures taken down by Utah Lake. One of our friends has a photography studio and they did the pictures for us. I was tempted to throw Devin in the lake and get pictures of it but I chickened out. Not because Devin did not want to get wet but because we did not have a change of clothes and I did not want my car to smell like that pouted lake for the rest of time. When we got home Grandma and Granddad Hurst were there. They came and stayed with us for a few days while they went to doctor appointments, and we were happy to have them over to visit with us. I can not remember much of what we did with them but we did spend many hours just talking about life and the fun it is to be with Devin. We also voted on some stuff while they were here. For example I said, “Raise your hand of you think that Devin is spectacular.” It ends up that 3 of the 4 people in the room agreed that Devin is spectacular. That means that it must be true. They also stayed in town because of Saturday.

Saturday was the most important day of this week. The morning started out by Mom Zobrist coming over to our house with Ben and Emily. We played with them for a while and had a good time with them. The kids favorite game that morning was to call me Miss Payne. I would then talk in a high pitched voice with what I thought was an English accent and answered their questions. Then they had to go home and prepare for the good part of the day. Devin and I also had to get ready. Soon after that we were dressed in our Sunday cloths leaving for a local church building. There was a special event happening. Ben was getting baptized. There was another girl in their ward getting baptized as well. The Grandma's gave the talks on baptism and the Holy Ghost. It was a very good meeting. But the most important parts of the baptism were that the kids where making promises to the lord to try and follow the example of Christ. They were also blessed with the gift of the Holy Ghost.. There is not much that can top that kind of a day. We then went over to Nate and Autumn's house and had sandwiches and talked. It was fun to have family around. The kids soon found out that I was really fun to wrestle with. I had at least four kids on me trying to knock me to the ground.. When the game was called off Autumn noticed that there was blood on the floor. I felt bad I did not know any of the kids got hurt. None of them cried and I was trying real hard to make sure everyone was having a good time. I am at least a little happy to say that the kid bleeding was happy and did not know he was bleeding either. Devin and I had a really fun time with the family and look forward to more activities with them.

The last thing that happened this week and the reason the family letter is late is more of a rejoicing for Devin and I and does not mean much for any one else. We no longer have church from 2:30 – 5:30. Our stake just had a new building completed and we will be meeting there starting the week after conference. This is very exciting for us. We have really hated having church late. I have been preparing stuff for the move. We are excited about this last week and look forward to this next one.

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