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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jared & Devin update

I want to point out how SPECTACULAR MY WIFE IS!!! I have a simple care free life with out much stress. Devin on the other hand is always on the go with more to do than she has time. Most days of the week Devin wakes up way to early. Some mornings she has work, Others she has school and sometimes she just can not sleep because her list of things is just too long. Devin then spends the rest of her day running from one task to the other. I am wondering if this type of behavior is what women do all the time. I know for me I wake up go to work come home do the minimum possible to get everything done and call it quits and forget about everything else. Devin has enormously long lists of thing that she feels need to get done. One day this week I went into work early around 5:00 a.m., about the same time Devin got up and went to work. I came home a little early to help Grandma and Grandad with some doctor appointments. I came home picked them up and we rushed out the door. We where not really in much of a rush we mainly wanted to have lunch with Devin. Who would not want lunch with Devin. I want to point out that having lunch with Devin is one of my favorite things to do if I can. We then headed across the street for the doctor appointment. I thought the thing would take 30 minutes but they informed me it would take an hour. I had a good time with grandma while we waited. She has this purple walking cane and I thought it was fun to play with. Grandma and Grandad have so much wisdom to share it was a privilege to be there with them. After the appointment the doctors informed us that we could not leave for another 45 minutes. I then got to hear stories about flying planes and other things that happened throughout the lives of Grandma and Granddad Hurst. We headed home and instead of getting to stay home I had to go back to work because my morning meetings got moved to the afternoon. Someone on my team had their pipes burst. I got home made dinner. After the dishes Devin and I went grocery shopping, and put together some cub scouting stuff and then walked around the ward and delivered the stuff. By the time all this was done it was close to 9:30 at night. Devin still had other things to do and close to 11:00 we finished up and went to bed. After this long day I started to notice that Devin does this same type of schedule 5-6 days of the week. She gets up gets moving and does not stop until everything is done. I do try and help her on her lists most days but she has an infinitely long list. I wonder how this beautiful creature can do so much. I am lucky to have such a woman in my life and look forward to being with her for the rest of eternity. Maybe there will be some time to breath then.

I do not have many stories this week, but my brother Jason has one and I want to tell his story. Some of you may be familiar with a particular superstition about Friday the 13^th . It has a stigma of being a very unlucky day Jason would agree with you if and only if the day is Friday November 13^th this just happens to be his birthday. Jason claims that if his birthday is on that dreaded Friday then bad things happen. The first time this happened was in 1987 Jason turned 1 year old and to his credit expunged the memory from his head. He is not sure what happened but he claims it was the worst birthday ever because he can not remember it. The day was just to traumatic. 5 years latter in 1992 Jason was turning 6 years old at the age of 6 every birthday is important and Jason was no exception. For some unknown reason his parents did not celebrate the day be letting him stay home from school and play. This mad the little kid feel sad and on his way to school the big kids on the bus learned that Jason is having a birthday and it was Friday the 13^th being a small child they picked him up in celebration and passed him around the moving vehicle without seat belts The older much bigger kids decided to give him birthday throws. That means they picked him up and threw them from one person to the next being so small they did not realize how rough they where being with him and hurt the puny Payne. The day was ruined again. As we move forward to 1998 Jason's birthday approached. He was turning 12. He woke up excited to see what presents his family had purchased to express their love for him. As he went out to the kitchen he soon realized that EVERYONE had forgotten his birthday. There where no presents no nothing. Obviously when the situation was noticed our kind mother. She quickly did all in her power to rectify the situation. Unfortunately the damage had been done. Lucky for Jason because of leap year he had been spared the cruelty of another Friday the 13^th until now. Jason had formed a hypothesis that something bad has to happen on his birthday if it is on the dreaded day. He woke up and as far as he can tell only his wife remembered. Jason patently waited for the day to progress. For some inexplicable reason NO ONE called to wish him a happy birthday, also no one even sent him a card. I would have called him but first of all I did not care like everyone else and we had planed to take him out to dinner the next day, after I forced him to clean my house. He has to earn it some how. This just goes to show that you should not have your birthday on Friday the 13^th is is just bad luck.

Devin and I are excited for this next week. Grandma and Grandad are coming back into town. We love having them around they bring a special spirit with them. Also my brother Jacob is coming home from his mission, he as been serving in the Boston mission. We are preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It really is a time to celebrate being with family and friends. We hope the holiday spirit starts early in your house as well.

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DANIELLE said...

I love to read your blog, you guys are so cute. We are due April 25th.