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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our week

I would like to relate a story that happened earlier. Today we had stake conference so we got out of church at noon. This was much earlier than our regular church time. After a quick lunch I was holding my cuddly companion on the couch. I was sitting up and Devin was laying down in my arms. This happens to be her favorite position. We had been doing this for about 20 minutes and I looked at Devin and noticed she was about to fall asleep. I informed her that I wanted to take a nap as well. Devin informed me that going all the way upstairs was an inordinately far to go with out being held by her husband. I looked around the room and noticed that there was another couch in the room. I offered to take the initiative to push the couches together and then we could take a nap. At this point Devin started to whimper and educated me on the amount of effort it would take to attempt such a task. I held her as she started to doze off. I then told her I would hold her next to me on the floor next to the couch. Devin then notified me that the time required to leave my arms and move to the carpet was still extraordinarily long. I could not think of a solution to our conundrum. At this point I started to cry with want of sleep. Devin finally relented and gave in to the original request. Devin then slept for the next three hours. She is much more rested and is in a much better mood.

My morbid mate had an exciting day on Friday. If you remember from last week Devin did not get to participate in the amputation of someone's toes. This week Devin had her operating room rotation and got to watch the the removal of several organs. Her morning started out with the removal of a bladder. I thought to myself, “That would stink”. What would you do without a bladder? With the amount of water I drink I would be continually urinating. I would need a diaper or something. Devin then informed me that the bladder being removed was holding gallstones and that the bladder was the gallbladder. Devin claims that I was not listening but I still think she left out information. The second operation was for the same thing. Devin was slightly disappointed because they did not slice the patient open and only had three small incisions. People looked at what was happening on a TV monitor. She did call me at lunch to brag about what she got to observe. The afternoon was more of the same. Except the people in the afternoon had hernias. The first patient had the incisions again which disappointed Devin. The second patient was sliced open like a pinata, but Devin had to go to her debriefing at the end of the day and did not get to look at the guts of that person. Devin came home excited about all she got to see. I was happy to be at work writing test cases for computer programs.

This week I had a really cool missionary experience. Sunday night I got a referral to teach a family in the ward. Eric is a less active member and recently learned that his girlfriend and her kids did not know much about God, Jesus, or anything about religion. He asked if someone but not the full time missionaries would come over and teach them about God and Christ. There are two children in the family Triston (7) and Haiden (6). Since there was only a little knowledge in the house about God I decided to talk to them about God and lay a foundation to build on. We talked about living with God before we where born and what God did for us there. We talked about the creation of the world as a place for us to learn. We then talked about communicating with God. We talked about prophets and having the scriptures to learn what God wants us to know. We then talked about personal revelation and the importance of prayer. Getting to this stage took about 30 minutes and I figured that the kids would be running out of attention. The kids really seemed to enjoy the lesson and everyone was happy to set up a new appointment for next week. I am excited to talk to the kids about Christ. Eric wanted us to teach the children about the nativity and the meaning of Christmas. We are looking forward to next week. We hope that your week will be filled with spiritual experiences.

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