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Monday, November 9, 2009

Our fun week

Like the last few weeks this letter has a medical story, but unlike last week it does not involve Good Looking. For those of you who do not know, that is what I normally call Devin. Good Looking got a hold of me at work and told me the important news. Our nephew Taylor,6, had done something dangerous and was being rushed to the emergency room. Soon after she informed me of the situation. Taylor had been trying to be funny and was putting a plastic,toy eye ball in his mouth. Just coming of Halloween, I thought that was pretty funny. Devin then told me that Taylor had swallowed the eyeball and felt real bad. At this point I started to bust a gut laughing. I thought Taylor would be proud that he succeeded in being funny. Devin then sent me a picture of the little boy feeling sick. I just laughed harder. Devin expressed her heart felt sorrow for the discomfort of the distressed young lad. I then educated Devin that the whole situation is hilarious. Devin again reinforced her feelings of compassion. I could not stand it any longer and said “I will laugh today, I will laugh tomorrow, I will laugh at Thanksgiving when I see him, and when he is dating and brings his date home; I will tell the story and laugh then. This is the type of thing you get to hold over someone's head for the rest of their life” I think this is similar to when I was an infant and peed in my own mouth that is just funny. Devin still does not think it is as funny as I did and we will just agree to disagree.

This last week I was not feeling very well. According to my co workers I had pig pox. I spent several days hiding in my room, feeling sorry for myself. There was one advantage to this isolation Devin let me rent whatever movies I wanted and I was distracted by entertainment that Devin normally would not watch.. For example I watched the movies “Streetfighter: the legend of Chun Li”, “GI Joe: the rise of Cobra”, “The Da Vinci Code” and last but not least “Ice Age:Dawn of the dinosaurs”. OK I picked that last one because Devin wanted to watch it but I still enjoyed the movie. I am better and happy to be back on my feet doing regular stuff. As a matter of fact I got to do something really fun on Saturday. I was asked to participate in the baptism of an 8 year old girl in the ward, Diana Lake. We are friends of the family and they asked if I would witness the baptism and help with the confirmation. I want to point out that baptisms are one of my favorite church meetings for the following reasons.

1. They are normally short

2. They focus on core principles of the gospel

3. They signify a person turning to Christ

4. There is always a sweet spirit

I was happy to go and listen to the talks and see the beautiful children be excited about joining the church of God.

We have also been blessed over the last week to have Grandma and Grandad Hurst here this last week. They had been in town for doctor appointments. I want to say that Devin and I really enjoy having them in our home. They are examples of the type of people we want to be. They really are fun to have here. Like one morning Devin and I were waking up and talking about what we had to do for the day and we heard Grandma screaming. We rushed to the bathroom and learned what the problem was. The toilet was overflowing and making a big mess. Devin and I quickly jumped onto the problem and cleaned up the water and unclogged the toilet. When we went downstairs and walked toward the kitchen and something hit me on the head. It was not hard, as a matter of fact it felt cold and wet; just like water. We quickly put a bucket under the drip and let the rest of the water come out of the ceiling. Grandma felt real bad but we had been having trouble with that toilet since we moved in and it just gives us trouble from time to time. When they visit we always have Klondikes for Grandad. My brother Jason knows this and looks forward to their visits so he can steal some Klondikes as well. Sunday Jason came over for dinner and quickly ran to the freezer he knew there were not many left and was hoping to grab one before it was to late. Jason was disappointed to find that the last remaining Klondike had Granddad's name on it- written with permanent marker. Do not worry, Granddad, I was looking out for you.

Other than that not much has happened. Devin got released from being Bear leader and is now just on the cub scouting committee. Devin is busy as ever with school and work. Last of all LIFE WITH DEVIN IS SPECTACULAR!! We hope your week is just as good as ours is.

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