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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our Texas trip

We spent the last week and a half in Texas with the Payne side of our family. It was a blast!! We had so much fun. I'll write a day by day thing of what we did. I'll only put the highlights though. Most of the time we just hung out, visited, and had fun being together.

Fri. and Sat. 18th and 19th- people were arriving, hanging out, and nothing really happened.

Sun., 20- I played the piano for a couple did things that day. It was a great Sunday filled with Christmas programs.

Mon., 21- hung out. We celebrated Krystal's (Jared's sister) 18th birthday. We had a dance party that night. It was a blast.

Tues., 22- We went and got family pictures. I'll post those later. Earlier that morning Jared's brother Tyler stepped on something really sharp while playing with the kids. He ended up getting 4 stitches. Fun part? Brian, Jared's other brother, gave Tyler the stitches in their parents kitchen. Brian is about to start residency for being a doctor.

Weds., 23- we went to Maverik (read earlier posting) and had family skit night (also a previous posting). After the skits we played charades. The catch? We were acting out other couples that were there. It was so much fun!

Thurs., 24- we had the Payne's traditional fish dinner and reenactment of the nativity. After the kids were all in bed, the adults stayed up and listened to Grandma and Papa Payne talk about their childhood, courtship, and what Dad Payne was like as a kid. OH! It actually snowed in TX and stuck. It was kind of neat, but kind of aggravating. We left UT hoping to get out of the snow.

Fri., 25- Christmas fun! A bunch of us went to the church and played volleyball and/or basketball. I think it was that night that Mom and Dad Payne talked about their childhood, courtship, and Mom also talked about her parents. Both of her parents are now deceased.

Sat., 26- Fun, nothing really happened.

Sun., 27- nothing really happened. We did have a family testimony meeting which was really, really neat.

Mon., 28- Jared and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary. We went to a place called Medieval Times. They have a dinner and theater show. It's a bunch of knights "fighting" the bad knight. Yeah, our night was the bad knight. It was neat. When we got home there was another dance party.

Tues., 29- we came home. It was snowing again!

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