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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We're slackers

Yes, we're slackers and have not written a family letter recently. You can see all our recent happenings here though! We had a blast in Vegas (you might need to look for the bridal shower pictures. They somehow got out of order. They're between "Other Vegas fun" and "Papa giving lawn mover/tractor rides". Anyway~ to sum up Vegas trip, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, we went with Mel to get her bridals taken, and had a bridal shower for Mel. Then last week our excitement was the passover dinner, which has been blogged about. We did have our ward Christmas party. That was awesome. I played the piano for about half the time (luckily there was another lady that I traded off with). I enjoyed playing though. I'm going to let Jared go into detail about it later. Sorry, suspicion is great! Anyway~ that's about us the last couple of weeks. Love you all!

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