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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chocolate Ravioli

Starting the other night, Jared got a "bug" to make homemade ravioli. Tonight was the night! Well, yesterday, while trying to figure out what we wanted in the ravioli, Jared thought of chocolate ravioli for dessert. Very interesting to say the least. It was really yummy though! Mine had peanut butter and chocolate chips in the middle. Jared added cocoa powder to the ravioli dough. Like I said... interesting, but yummy. Here are some picks of the different stages.

Getting the middle ready

Ravioli before it got cooked

final product

Jared enjoying what he thought was his... after this bite he realized it was mine

Jason enjoying his chocolate ravioli


Bart, Jeni, Jessica, Brian and Chelsea said...

Looks yummy! Go Jared!

Sara said...

HAHAHA That sounds like something my husband would do! He likes to get creative in the kitchen too.