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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

Let me start out by warning... this is a longer post. I included lots of pictures though, so that should help, right? :0)

This last week or so have been so dang busy! It's been fabulous though. It's been full of great and exciting things. The events I got pictures of, I'll post as I talk about them. So it all started last weekend, the weekend of the 11th. We went up north to see Jared's sister and her family. Jared's sister has a business of selling THE cutest hair bows. She had a booth for Peach Day's (for those who don't know... each city up here has a weekend of celebrating/honoring the city. So they have celebrations like Peach Days, Strawberry Days, Freedom days, Fiesta days, etc). We went up and watched her kiddos while she and her husband ran the booth. Here are some pictures from that weekend.

Us with the kids at the parade... Sorry, it's a bit bright.

This is Jared's sister's cute booth.

Outsider her booth was the main attraction... for the kids at least.

Our niece playing at a play ground.

On the sidewalk by the play ground, there was a bunch of water running. These two had a blast! If you can't tell ... they're both soaked!!

Go ahead and check out the picture section of our blog if you want to see more pictures from this weekend.

Moving on... On Mon, the 13th, I took state board for my P.N. This is just a step below and R.N. Let me tell you! I was sure I failed. I was so emotionally drained after I walked out of there. I was so lucky to have had my mom come into town, so between her and Jared... I was getting all the emotional support and cuddles I needed. Late Tuesday night I found out the results... I PASSED!! I am now an L.P.N. No more C.N.A. work for me! lol totally just kidding. It feels so good and was such a relief to have taken the next step.

Me with my mom! Yes, this is from our wedding. The woman is worse then I am about being in pictures.

Here's my wonderful, supportive Jared.

Here's me holding my P.N. license!!!

Wed. was a good day for us, bad day for Buddy. We just hung out, relaxed and celebrated my passing boards. While we were having fun poor Buddy was getting neutered and microchip-ed. Here's a picture of him wearing "the cone of shame". Which he has to wear when we're not paying attention to him.

Thurs. was dull, and so was Friday during the day. Fri. night though we went to watch one of Jared's boy scouts play hockey! I had never been to a hockey game. It was intense. I just wanted to cringe every time those players smacked each other into the sides. They were vicious! I have to admit is was a blast to watch. It was so worth going to the game. Oh, and as a side note... our team won!! 6-3

At the game

Our last excitement for this week was cub scouts! We have the pine wood derby coming up (yes, I will take pictures) and on Sat. we gave the boys an opportunity to come and get help with their cars, or if the dad's didn't have the tools, the could come use them here. So.... a pine wood prep day if you will. I have to admit, I wasn't excited about the pine wood before. Just seems to be a lot of work, which it is. After Sat. morning though, I am so stoked! I can't wait to watch these boys race.

Jared helping one of the boys

A dad helping his son

Part of the group

So... I think that about tells about all our excitement for this week. Hope life is treat you all well!


Nola said...

Yeah for passing your boards!
I think that is fabulous that you provided a time to help the boys get ready for the pinewood derby! I don't know much about scouting, but I am sure that is a relief to any single parent mom or dad that may be lacking in the tools department.
You guys are amazing!

Jeni said...

Thanks for the compliments!! You guys SAVED MY BACON last weekend!! You don't know what a relief it was to not have to worry about my kiddos because their favorite auntie & uncle were with them!!

BTW, SO SO SO excited that you received your license!!! GO DEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mel said...

i love buddy's cone of shame- but i totally diagree. you can get mom to take pics you just have to force her.