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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Contest results

Well, no sadly, we did not win the contest. It was so much fun to be involved any way. I really appreciate and feel honored that we'd even be nominated and then to be chosen as the top 5 is incredible to me. So~ we don't get a photo shoot from that lady. BUT! Just for being involved, we get the following (and this is taken from an e-mail I received. I did add a comment):
  1. i have added your profile to my blog roll of couples hoping to adopt and a link to your profile will post on my blog today as a post. i hope this increases traffic and awareness of your hope to adopt. (this woman has one of the most well known adoption blogs)
  2. A birth mother who is now married has offered to photograph your family, give you a CD of images AND design a pass along card for you from your favorite image. she said she is waiting for your email and can't wait to work with you.
  3. abbey kyhl photography (www.abbeykyhl.com ) has sent me a coupon to share with you-- a coupon from for 500 free passalong cards when you book a family photo session with her. she also includes great discounts on your session when you get placed with.
  4. hopingtoadopt.org (a new finding site like parent profiles) gave me a coupon for you as well. it's a $100 coupon which is good for 2 months of free listing (no obligation, cancel any time) and a waived activation fee.if you would like either one of these coupons, please send me your address and i will get them in the mail to you ASAP. ;)
  5. also, i have an email group called "hoping to adopt" where i send out information on available adoption situations that i hear of. i would love to include you all on the list if you would like. just let me know.

WAY COOL, right?? I think so anyway. I may be a dork, but I think it's awesome to have all this help to get our name out there. I feel so blessed. I definitely know now that Heavenly Father is up there cheering us on too. Lots of family and friends cheering us on too. Thanks a million. We love you all


Jeni said...

That is awesome, Devin!!! How fun!! Very cool opportunities. BTW, what is a pass along card?

Nola said...

Those are some great awards!
Here is the link I promised...http://marcusandjenny.blogspot.com/2010/09/motherhood.html
Her most recent post might be interesting too (I haven't read it yet).
As for the 16th, we will try to meet up with you after you are done with clinicals.