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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ayden's first time with solids

As some of you may, or may not, remember we were actually told by the pediatrician to start Ayden on rice cereal when Ayden was about 4 months old. The dr. was just wanting to get Ayden fattened up. Here's a video and pics of the big moment! First time trying it

As you can see, it took some getting use to. Fast forward to present day and the boy absolutely LOVES solids. We were giving him 12 ounces of solids a day. We were recently told to stop doing that and to try to push his formula more. So far, not going to well. BUT! I think it's because his stomach has been bothering him. With the antibiotic he's on (he got double ear infection last week), it's making his whole digestive system not happy. Prayers, please, Ayden starts taking the formula better soon! Love to all!!!

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Kathleen said...

I remember my brother had some sort of calorie powder that we used to try to fatten him up :) Hope he's better soon--ear aches are the worst!