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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Alright~ now that life has calm down, I can give a bit of an update. One of my awesome sisters posted pics. from Ayden's blessing, so I'll divide the update with those pictures.

This one is from the sealing. This my cute little nephew with Ayden. Landon's about 4 days younger. I think Landon's telling Ayden's secrets here.
Jared's been busy with work and scouts, as always. He's been up against deadlines at work, as well as preparing for the busy camping season of scouts. I will admit, it's my least fav. time of year because Jared's gone so much, but I'm glad he's having fun. Helping these boys become men. Jared's still doing his diet. He's lost a total of about 50 lbs. He's not loosing anymore (thank goodness! lol) but still maintaining the diet so he won't gain any back. He's finally starting to agree to get him new clothes. Have to get his wedding band re-sized too. Think that's about it for Jared.

Ayden, parents, grandparents (with exception of Papa Alan), and Great-Granddad Hurst
 I've been doing the whole wife, mom thing. I'll tell you what... I don't think I've ever had a more challenging job. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love my payment of smiles, laughs, occasional cuddles, and occasional slobber kisses. I've been mainly getting things back in order from our fun weekend, activity days, and taking care of sick Ayden. More on that later. Other than that... life's pretty dull in the Devin department lol. Although, I do get to go home (my Las Vegas home) in a week and a half, so that'll be fun!!! Unfortunately, it'll be only me and Ayden.

Men in the cirlce- Great-Granddad Hurst, Papa Payne, Dad, Ayden, Uncle Jason, Uncle Bart. We're missing Uncle Nate, Bishop Michaelis, and Bishop Anderson. Maybe others?
  Now on to Ayden. This poor kid has had it, health wise. It started out, in like mid-April he had double ear infection and pink eye. We thought he was better, but ended up still had the double ear infection and sore throat/cold/allergy type thing. Just as he was clearing up from that (Fri. before our amazing weekend to be exact) we noticed sores in his mouth!! Poor kid had cold sores. They cleared up, he somewhat started eating normal again. Then the last day or so he's been doing the pain response in his eating again. Yeah, we had to increase his antacid for the acid reflux. Oh, and he has a left ear infection. If Ayden gets one more ear infection between now and like mid-Oct. it's tubes for him. Yeah, any bets if we'll end up with tubes?? Anyway~ all this going on while cutting tooth #3, working on getting teeth #4,5, and 6. Yes, Ayden is teething fast!

My mom and siblings that were there. My other bro and his family were there but had to leave early. We're also missing my dad, and two bros-in-law.
Ayden, as of today, is 13 lbs 5 ounces, 25 inches tall. He is still doing great developmentally though. He wants to crawl so bad! I feel bad. We're working on it though. He loves playing with his toys, reading books, and can't forget smiling. Even with all the bad luck health wise, he's generally been pretty happy still. Ayden is still very much a daddy's boy. He definitely know what he wants and cries if that's not what he gets. Luckily, most of the time he's a pretty easy going baby. 

Payne side that was there. Sorry, too many missing to name :o)
Think that about sums it up for us though. Life is still awesome!! We're ready to take on our next adventure... I think :o) Time will tell on that one. Hope this finds all well. Love to all!!!

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