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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our AMAZING! weekend

This weekend we had the opportunity to take Mr. Ayden-sir to the temple! We also got the chance to give him a name and blessing. Both of these events are part of our religion. Please, please, please ask if you have any questions. I'm sorry there won't be as many pics as I was hoping. My sister stole my camera ;o) Okay, so it was an accident, but it means I won't get to post pics until I get it back in a couple of weeks.

Anyway~ the party started on Thurs/ Fri. with everyone coming into town.

Then early morning on Sat., we all got up and took Ayden to the temple where he was sealed to us for eternity!! I can't give too much detail, due to the sacredness of the ceremony, but it was beautiful. Surprisingly, I held it together the whole time!! I almost lost it numerous times, but kept control. When Ayden was brought into the room, it was the most unforgettable moment. He had been sleeping in the temple workers arms. He was so dazed and confused for a bit, then got enthralled with the chandelier and his dad. Here's a picture of what the room looks like:

As you can see... BEAUTIFUL!! This is my favorite picture that our photographer took:


Its my favorite because it actually has meaning!! As you may notice, Jared is on one knee. I'm sitting on the bench that I was sitting on when he proposed to me, just over 6 years ago! Here are some others that she posted of our wonderful day.

 So that was our Saturday.

On Sunday, Jared, using his priesthood, gave Ayden a name and blessing. This isn't something that's even necessary, but something so special and that Ayden will always have with him. So how this blessing work is Melchizedek priesthood holders hold the baby in a circle, then one of them gives the blessing.

The circle happens like this:

one of the 12/13 yr old boys holds a microphone up to whoever is giving the blessing, in this case Jared. Aydens circle had like 7 other men. He had Papa Payne, Granddad Hurst, Uncle Nate, Uncle Bart, Uncle Jason, Bishop Michaelis, Bishop Anderson. I hope I'm not forgetting anyone :o/ Jared talked to Ayden a lot about family and those who love him. It was awesome! I'll admit it, the moment I heard Jared start giving the blessing I lost it! It is just so amazing to have had that experience. I guess Ayden talked during the whole blessing. Those of us not in the circle didn't hear him though.

The pictures of Ayden's blessing day are whats on my camera. Anna's suppose to be posting some pictures she has on her camera. **hint, hint Anna, Mel, and all those others that have pictures**

Anyway~ hope this helps give a glimpse of how amazing our weekend was. It has been something Jared and I have looked forward to since we got married! It all still seems like a dream. We can't tell you how much we love you all and appreciate all the support, prayers, hugs, tears, and everything else given in our behalf and for our adoption journey!! It has definitely been felt and helped.

Now, this isn't the end! lol However, we will be taking a break from fostering and adoption advocating but we will get right back into the adoption/fostering game May 2013.

Alright, that's the end of the novel. Love to all!!!


Anonymous said...

It looks like it was the PERFECT weekend. :)

Holly Hubbard Brown said...

What a wonderful weekend! So happy for you, and the pictures are precious!

cindy baldwin said...

That is so wonderful! I am glad you guys had a great weekend!

Shan said...

Congratulations! Sounds absolutely wonderful.