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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ayden's first hair cut

Yes, Ayden is only 10 months old but the dude needed a hair cut pretty bad. I debated off and on whether to do it, talked with Jared, and then this last Sat. evening, we decided to just go for it. So we did! Ayden did fabulous! So sad that he's looking more like a little boy now though :( when did my baby grow up?? Anyway~ here are some pictures doing. I do have a video on our ipad... it's kind of long (5 mins) and boring... I may post it anyway lol Sorry! Here are the pics:

SEE!! and this wasn't even all of it
I will edit this post with the video and an after picture later. Love to all!


Stacy said...

ah, how cute! he looks like a little man :)

Mel said...

hes getting so big!! landon doesnt have enough hair to cut - ayden needs to teach him how to grow hair