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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Think we forgot?

I know! I am horrible about this blogging thing anymore! So sorry! I'm trying! I think I'm somewhat caught up on life... hopefully now I can be better *knock on wood* But until then, sorry this is another quick update on what the three of us are up to.

We'll start with me, seeing how I have the least amount to talk about lol. Life is same old for me. I'm still at home with Ayden, doing activity days for church, as well as playing the piano for primary. I'm excited though because this week I get to have a woman trip with my mom, niece, and three sisters. We will dearly miss Anna and Angie! But yeah, that's about it for me.

Now for Jared... um... let's start off with Jared was released from two important things this week. He was laid off from his job AND they released him from scouts. In regards to job, please pray! He's starting to get his resume out there and already has a lot of good job leads. We did get a great severance package, so as long as he finds something before the end of the year we're okay... but obviously, the sooner the better. And after two and a half years as scout master, they released him today. Bitter sweet thing. He loves and will miss those boys. But I'm grateful that Jared will be around more. We both had a feeling this was coming. Overall, we feel at peace and the Lord's hand in all these changes that are happening with Jared. But still would appreciate prayers while on this unknown road.

Mr. Ayden... oh Mr. Ayden. Now at 10 months old he is weighing a whole 14.5 pounds! He is tiny and failure to thrive. We saw a dietician this last week. Pretty much all she told us was to add pediasure to his formula. It has helped a tiny bit, you can tell he enjoys the taste better. But we're still at ...we're lucky if we get 25 oz in a day down that kid. Still a "no go" for solids too. We see a pediatric specialist at the end of Aug (prayers he gets us in sooner though!). Just don't know what to do for that kid and his eating. Time will tell though, I guess. As far as developmentally, he's right on target. He's mastered going upstairs, and can go down them. He's still learning the whole down thing though. He'll wave, clap, climb over everything... get into everything... He's definitely getting his own little personality too. He WILL get that toy he wants, and nothing will stand in his way. lol Its funny to seem him try to crawl away from us while we're trying to get him for a diaper change or something. He is a riot.

Anyway~ that's it here for the Payne's. Thanks for all the love, support, and friendship! Love to all!!


Nola said...

Oh man! Sorry about Jared's job. We will be praying for all of you! Let us know if there is anything we can do for you out here in Vernal.

Stacy said...

Such a bummer about Jared's job. I hope he can find something soon. You guys will be in my thoughts and prayers.

It's too bad the lactose free formula doesn't seem to be doing the trick for Ayden! What about breastmilk? I've heard of babies being prescribed breastmilk that they get from donors. Have the doctors suggested that as an option at all? It's scary when he's not gaining weight like that :(