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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Why hello there

I will have you all know, I have tried numerous times to get Jared to update our blog... and he won't. SO! If you want to hear from him, you'll have to bug him. Until then, you're stuck with me :o) Anyway~~ here's a bit of an update of us. I'll put random pics of us too... maybe help break the post up a bit.
sorry~ it was with my iphone while we were waiting to see "Wicked"
Jared is ... well, getting bored. It has been a huge help having him home, most of the time, but we are both ready for him to go back to work. He is in the negotiation stage with a couple of companies. We should have a job lined up by the end of this week! Which is actually kind of fast... we're talking 3-4 weeks of unemployment. Not bad. Like I said a previous post, we have definitely seen the Lord's hand in all this. Thank you so incredibly much for all the love, support, and concerns.

This was 4th of July.. not many pictures of me since I have to remind Jared to take them, and I don't like to be in pictures so yeah :o)
Nothing too new with me. Just keeping the house in order, lovin' the little man, and keepin' busy. Life is good.
this was last night- in can you tell it was past bedtime?
Ayden, Mr. Ayden ...Love this little man. We started him on a medication that increases his appetite. He's eating way good now! He's a picky eater, but at least it's possible to feed him now. I don't worry about leaving him for a while any more. Okay, well, not like I use to :o) Anyway~ not sure how much he's gained since starting it last week, but he does seem to be heavier and taller to us. Could be our imaginations. We have a WIC appointment Tues. I'm anxious to see what their scale says.

Ayden seems to get more personality every day too! He loves his dad! I think Ayden will have a hard time when Jared goes back to work. Ayden also loves to "help" (in the pic. above, we had just finished putting in a load of laundry), annoying Buddy, and throwing his toys! Ayden is definitely all boy and it is so fun! I can't believe he'll be one years old soon! Guess we should start planning specifics for his party :oP

Anyway~ that's about it for us! Hope this finds everyone well. Thanks again for all the prayers and love!! It's definitely felt!! Love to all!!!


Mel said...

oh my gosh i love that pic of him staying up late- i miss this little guy!!

Kurt Cline said...

saw your adoption story on LDS Adoption Connection today and thought I would stop by. Love your blog and look forward to seeing more. My wife and I are contemplating getting into foster care so it is nice to see someone that started out that way.