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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Domo's tailgate party

In Utah, there is what's known as the "holy war". It's during football season, BYU plays Univ. of Utah. This year is especially big because the two won't be playing each other for years. Anyway~ because they can, Domo (where Jared works) decided to have a tailgate party to celebrate the "holy war". Jared was busy doing his amazing snow cones, so it was mainly Ayden and I hanging out.

We started out with a treat
Played in an awesome bounce house
 Had to stop and find Dad a time or two
 Football toss
 Gotta play with the rocks!
 A local news station was there. The reporter got in and had the kids tackle him.
Sad times you can't really see Ayden in the video, but he was in there!

We had a great time, but really missed Bree. So, a update Bree: She's doing better. They pulled her IV yesterday. With the type of bacteria growing, we just decided to pull it. She'll get a new placed tomorrow and be able come home!! After a week, we're ready for her to be home! We miss our princess around here.

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