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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy birthday Breeann!!!

Today is little miss Bree's first birthday. How is she celebrating? In the hospital, of course. Late Thurs., she spiked a fever and got a admitted early Friday morning. It appears to be a virus. She actually should be getting discharged today! That really is a good present! We joke because she spent Jared's birthday, my birthday, and now part of her birthday in the hospital. Hopefully none of Ayden's will be spent there.

Breeann has been such a joy. She is such a sweet, tender spirit. Any time I tell her no she looses it. I thought I knew motherhood with Ayden, but she has taught me so much more about being a mom. The countless late nights, numberless cares during the day is totally made up for by her slobbery kisses and amazing cuddles.

 At one years old, she is just starting to get to be a full time crawler! She's so hard to stop now. I'll set her down on the floor, turn around, and then she's somehow half way across the room and I need to go move her bag(s). She loves her older brother so much. They have such a special bond. I love it.

We love you my dear princess!!!

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CHAR said...

I always seems to miss you guys when you are admitted to the hospital. I am sorry Bree had to spend her birthday in the hospital! But Happy Birthday little cutie!