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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


here's a few random pictures with a few random what's been going on :o)

The day before Bree was admitted, my mom, sister, and nephew came for a visit. It was awesome having them here! Feel bad we were distracted/ busy with things with Bree and her illness, but gratefully they were amazing at understanding. Consequence of Bree in the hospital, my camera didn't come out much but I did get this cute pic. of the boys. They had so much fun! Landon is only 5 days younger then Ayden so peer pressure was on for the both of them- in regards to who eats more, who talks more, etc. :o) 

Yesterday and today, we had a couple of dr. appointments for Bree. They are taking down her IV fluid. YAYAYAYAY!!! It's now 20 hours instead of 22. May not be a big difference, but its a great step. You see, our ultimate goal is to get her totally off the IV. The fluid she has (which is full of all the vitamins and minerals she needs) will one day send her into liver failure-- which is fatal. SO! We celebrate baby steps here. 

Other then that, we're staying low key :o) We're gearing up to celebrate a certain little Ayden's birthday in just two short weeks!!

Hope this finds all well!! Love you all!!!

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