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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ayden's 3rd birthday

Ayden's birthday was a bit different this year. We had the privilege of being in Texas, visiting the Payne side of the family. One of Jared's brother's took out his endowments on Ayden's birthday... and then the next day (Friday) Jared's sister got married! So it was a fun, busy trip. Because of these two awesome events, we waited to celebrate Ayden's birthday on Sat. One of our amazing sisters-in-law made a blue mickey mouse cake, as requested by Ayden. He had fun playing with the black frosting
Can you believe this was her first time decorating a cake? She did amazing!
I just sat and admired Ayden as everyone was singing to him. He just beamed. I'm hoping and thinking he could just feel the love everyone there has for him. He's one special, lucky boy.
Ayden had to get all up in the bag to get his present out
I think this present from Grandma Shell was the favorite this year... Captain America and Spiderman action dolls
The same sister-in-law that did the cake... she also surprised us by making Ayden a pinata!! I wish I could have gotten the camera out and ready in time. He face and reaction was priceless. He LOVED the pinata. Ayden gave Mickey a hug and had to show him spider man! lol He got a bit nervous once Mickey started breaking... but he handled it like a champ. I think Ayden had a fun little party. I really appreciate what everyone did to make it special... especially you, Itzel!!! 
I ssssooo struggle with this part... talking about my kids and their personalities. I don't know the right words to express how special both of them are. So bear with me :oP Ayden is a strong spirit in his own way. He fights his own challenges (he has a sensory disorder and as well as whatever is going on with his growth... that type thing) but he just keeps smiling, trying to discover life, and most people aren't even aware of emotional/mental struggles. Despite having to take back seat a lot, because of Bree's medical issues, he's a happy kid. He doesn't mind her getting the attention. He has an unconditional love for his family. Ayden is very, very family oriented. Currently his favorite song is "Here we are together" but we modify it to say "dad, mom, ayden, and breeann". On our way to TX, I bet Jared listed everyone that would be there handful of times, before Jared had to tell Ayden he wouldn't do it anymore... and we're talking there was 30+ people there. Ayden just loves hearing about his family members. Ayden is definitely all boy. He loves Mickey, dirt, trucks, etc ... what is funny though, is he actually doesn't like getting dirty. I don't know that I could pin a favorite food for Ayden, but he does love McDonald's ... and "slurpee parties"... but it's more the idea then then the actual food. Without a doubt, his favorite color is blue. Overall, Ayden is a pretty passionate boy. When he's not around, like at school or something, everything just feels so empty. We just love him more then words can say. We are so extremely grateful for the sacrifice his bios. made, which allowed us to be his parents. Can't even express our feelings there either. Anyway~ I am just so lucky to have such a special little boy calling me mom! Love you baby boy!


KinderTeach said...

Ayden is a very loved little boy. He always wants to go to McDonalds with me or have mac and cheese. He is always great to play blocks with and loves his puppies. He of course always wants his M's when he sees me or Grandma. Of course, now I have no M's because Ben and Emmers ate them all!
I am so glad you have wonderful family on Jared's side that made his birthday super special. He may not understand how much he is loved, but you know and that counts for a lot. I count myself blessed that I'm his aunt and that I get to spoil him so much.

Jeni said...

That was lots of fun!! I was so touched that Itzel and her dad made the pinata. So thoughtful!! My fave part was when he was super upset that Mickey's leg fell off. Adorable!!!