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Thursday, September 4, 2014

My birthday

This year we spent my birthday in Nebraska. Jared's bro, Brian, and his family were able to be there to join us!! It was a blast. I won't lie started out shaky... but ended up being a blast. So ... in the morning, Breeann needed a test at the hospital that ended up taking all day. More on that later... Anyway~ When we got back from the hospital, we walked into the apartment we stayed at and saw this...
It totally made my day!! Especially since the hospital hadn't been so great. We started out by opening presents:
After presents we had lunch, put the kids down for a nap, and then Jared and I got a couple of hours to just us. We got a smoothie and just talked... it was perfect!! We went to dinner at a yummy Chinese place and then went back to the apartment for cake and ice cream
Bree had her very first ice cream!!! Brian and Tawnya were so sweet and bought her chocolate coconut milk ice cream
It was a hit!! And definitely something we'll keep around here now for her.

Thanks so incredibly much again for everything Brian, Tawnya, and girls!!! And also thank you to Jared for also making my birthday special. I've definitely been so blessed to have incredibly family and friends!!! I love you all!!!

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Mel said...

im so glad they were able to come and celebrate with you. youve been through so much lately, you deserve to have some joy and pampering in your life. i love you but seriously, get a pic collage app.