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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ayden's tooth

So yes, I am behind in blogging!! I will try to catch up... but bare with me please. Let's start with Ayden loosing his first tooth. Yes, it's odd! He's not quite three yet. So here's the story:

Jared was taking his turn in the nursery with Bree... The ward we attended in Nebraska (another post for later) only has one nursery, so Jared got to keep an eye on both kids. Anyway, I guess during singing time, Ayden all the sudden got hysterical and when Jared goes to check it out, Ayden tells Jared that his mouth hurts. Ayden opens his mouth and his tooth was all but out!! CRAZY!!! So they come get me out of Sunday School, we get a hold of a pediatric dentist... when all was said and done we pulled the tooth out and just went to see a dentist here at home in UT. Our dentist, a family in dentist, doesn't want to risk anything so he's making us see a pediatric dentist. So much for minimizing number of doctors I work with :oP Anyway~ so that's pretty much the story of how Ayden lost his first tooth.

When we told him the tooth fairy was coming, at first he did not want her to come. He was tired that day... but I think he was scared, didn't quite get what she does either. But the next morning, after she came, he was so so excited and will still ask every once in a while if she's come again. Anyway~ here's pictures from the whole ordeal.

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KinderTeach said...

That kid is so little a small drink looks huge in his hands. Put he and Bree next to each other and he doesn't look a year older!