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Friday, May 1, 2015

April, where did you go?!?

April was a crazy busy/fun/blah month for us! lol I'm actually going to be doing a couple other, more specific post... Just FYI. This one I'll have as our general update.
Jared's company's product going public! Which means he can now talk a bit more about what he does at work all day! lol Not that I understand anyway, but it's awesome! They pretty much had a party week and celebrated. Jared's still busy as ever there and loving it. He's such a good day and the kids just LOVE when he comes home or when it's weekend. We saw Jared's mom, sister, and her family too!!!
My month was pretty typical... taking care of/snuggling kids, housework, etc. The kids and I went to Las Vegas Easter weekend (separate post coming). It was so fun spending time with my side. Only downfall was Jared wasn't there. We did a couple play dates with a dear friend of mine, which I LOVED and very much needed! Thanks again Emily! Oh and I did go on a field trip with Ayden's school. We picked up trash at a local park. The kids did surprisingly really well with it. I was impressed.
Oh, my Ayden. He actually has been my trial lately. A few days after we got back from Las Vegas, we totally took him out of diapers. He had been waking up dry (nap and bedtime) so we figured he didn't need them anymore. Ever since then he just has been majorly hard to take care of. I'm thinking the change got to him... even though it wasn't like a major change (such as moving) and so he's not sleeping as well. He is doing better now, but we're still working on his behaviors. He is learning and developing like crazy! It's actually been fun to watch him become even more of a little boy. And let me tell you, he's ALL boy. Rocks, sticks, water, robots, etc... He loves it. We celebrated his 3rd "Payne Day" but that'll get it's own separate post as well. He's not really doing well in the gymnastics, but we're going to start trying a parent participation one. I think the class he was in doesn't have enough structure for him but the actual sport will be good. And I think that's about it for this handsome dude!
On to the princess! She's had a weird month too, to be honest. Let's start with mile stones! She's now in a twin bed! And she's doing really well. Fallen once and that's it. She's very good about staying in it when she's hooked up to her IV too. I've been happy about that. She also got her ears pierced! Jared wanted to wait until she asked, and truly knew what she was asking for. After months of saying she wanted earrings like mommy has earrings... He decided she knew. She did pretty well with the actual piercing, she's done well with not messing with them, letting us clean them... She's getting to be a little girl. Some ways, so hard to believe but so ... relieving, to be honest. No one ever thought she'd get there. Anyway~ those are her real noticeable mile stones. Medically is where it's been blah. She's down to 11 hours on her IV!! Which is great!!! She's about 28 pounds now. We're able to push a total of about 32 oz or so of formula a day. Where her month's been rocky is... she's been throwing up at least twice a day for about 2 weeks now. We started her on a medication that helps the motility of her intestines yesterday... I can already see the difference!! She only actually threw up only once today (few nausea spells, but she held it in like a champ!). She also had a few bloody poops (which is why it took us so long to figure out the motility med issue)! They ran test and kept her for observation for 24 hours, but decided she was okay to come home. I talked to her regular dr... He scoped her to see if he could find a source of the bleeding. He didn't find a source, but he did see inflammation at the top of her intestines that he thinks is from her stomach acidity. He's going to put her on another antacid and see if that helps. So we'll see what the month of May holds for our little miss Bree. Overall though, she really is doing amazingly well.

That about sums up our April! How you all had a happy easter and a great month too!! Love to all.

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KinderTeach said...

You need to start staggering out your posts. Write them all but don't release them all at once!
The kids look good. Glad Bree finally got those cute hoops.