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Friday, May 1, 2015

Las Vegas trip

The kids and I had the chance to go to Las Vegas and spend sometime with my side. Almost all my siblings were there with their families. It was a crazy, but fun time! Unfortunately Jared couldn't come, because of work, but we still had fun without him. The kids did so much better traveling then I thought they would too. They did really well. I was extremely grateful for that.

We played lots with cousins
 I just had to add this one because I think it's hilarious. My sis took it during dinner our first night there.
 The kids loved aunt angie's ferret's.
 My other sister did bree's hair really cute a few times.
 We celebrated my mom's birthday. It was an early celebration, but a fun one at that! This is Ayden's first time playing "Don't Eat Pete" a game my family really likes! He totally devoured the m&m's once he realized he wasn't suppose to eat anymore lol total ayden move
 We did an easter egg hunt
We stuck in a girls time, pedicure and lunch too!
We absolutely had a blast!!!

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KinderTeach said...

It was a fun weekend. We should do it more often. Of course after that experience, won't be at home anymore. Love you