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Friday, May 1, 2015

Ayden's "Payne Day"

You may, or maybe not, remember that on the anniversary of the kid's adoption finalization, we like to celebrate "Payne Day" ... just a little celebration to honor them and when they legally joined our family. Ayden's "Payne Day" is April 16. Hard to believe that 3 years ago that little boy was just joining our family. Here's a video (Ayden Payne Day video) of Ayden's special day, courtesy of Jared's cousin.

This year we introduced Ayden to Chuck-E-Cheese. He LOVED it. I'm only going to post a few pics and one video, but it was definitely a hit of a celebration.

It was a great family time. And the pizza was better then Jared and I remembered it being! LOL

What to say about these last 3 years of being Ayden's legal mom. He has made me laugh so incredibly hard ... and yet made my want to go insane! Ayden is such a sweet, tender hearted boy. He loves people, especially his family. To see the joy he has when he notices I'm playing the piano in primary, or when he sees Bree after her few day hospital stay is so priceless. I love it! He has taught me so much about really trying to be in tuned to people's emotional needs. With his ADHD and SPD, a lot of times he cannot use words to tell us what he needs or wants. Best way to describe it is he looses all control of his body and emotions... so I have learned to really be in tune for his happiness, and mine. Ayden is so incredibly smart (I think) and inquisitive. I just love my little man and the never ending excitement he brings into our family!

WE LOVE YOU, AYDEN JOHN!!!!! So grateful you're a part of our eternal family!!!

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KinderTeach said...

Ayden is a cute little booger. It's hard to believe that little Monkey Eyes has grown so much (well not physically) 😉 He is a bright spot in your family. You are lucky to have him.