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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

July was BLAH

July was a roller coaster! And just like June's post... these pictures are not chronological and description is brief :oP

Bree went in the hospital again... another just freak 24 hour thing.
Ayden contracted HSP ... holy cow!! WORSE. THING.EVER!!! for a kid with ADHD/SPD. it was a horrible 2 weeks!!! for him
Just because... trying to teach the kids to get along.
Another just because... fell asleep taking "baby" to a visit.
Ayden BEGGED for this costume and has absolutely LOVES it. He's captain Rex :o)
Jared on his way home from his week long, scout camp, river run trip!!!
Me so excited to have my husband back!!
To celebrate Jared's birthday, he wanted to go down the river with his brother! So that's what we did.

My younger sis came into town... this was right before she left to go back to Las Vegas.
Jared left me again, for another campout ... this time it was only overnight. He took our nephew on scout camp and this overnight campout.
The kids creation in playing one day
We did celebrate 4th of July and Pioneer day (a Utah holiday to be honest lol) with Jared's brother! They moved at the beginning of Aug. and we miss them terribly!!

Yeah... another kind of blah month. Not bad, not great... just was lol Best thing was celebrating my Jared's birthday! So dang blessed to have him!! I think I'll keep him forever

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