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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

June was fun

So this isn't going to be in order, necessarily BUT we did have a pretty fun June overall. And sorry, but this will be pretty run down. With being behind in posting, I want to get it out there. On top of, some details I can't remember now. :o/

We celebrated Breeann's 3rd "Payne Day"! Seems like so long, yet like it was yesterday.We are definitely blessed to have her in our forever family!
We went to Seven Peaks a couple times with Jared's bro, sis, and their families.
We went up to my parent's property to celebrate my dad's birthday! Bree was too tired
Just hung out and played at home
We went to the Pleasant Grove Strawberry Day's rodeo!! We went with my nephew and Ayden's bio mom, her boyfriend, aunt, cousin, and my nephew. Ayden participated in "Cash Cow!" "Cash Cow" is where they tap dollar bills on baby calves, kids (i think 10 yrs and younger) can go in the arena and chase the cow to get the money.
Ayden did awesome! He did not catch a cow, but there was a really nice kid that gave Ayden the dollar he had gotten. A staff member gave Ayden candy too.

Fathers day!! Hopefully Jared felt loved, appreciated, and how much he means to us! With it being so close to his birthday (more on that in another post!) I can't remember exactly what gifts we gave him.
We went to the Children's museum with a really good friend of mine and her son.
We went down to Las Vegas, had all my siblings there. It was so much fun! And of course, Jared's the fun uncle/dad
We had a reunion with my aunts, uncles, and cousins in St George too! Here is most of the cousins
While in St. George, we got Panda Express and Bree just chowed down on the noodles!! I'm still beaming with pride!
June ended on a not so fun note... Bree got admitted for a couple days. Turned out to be nothing though.
Worse part of her getting admitted... Jared was at scout camp! There was no way to get a hold of him either because they were serious middle of nowhere, no cell reception.

Anyway, that's our June in a nut shell! It was fun!! Hope you all had a great June too!!

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