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Friday, September 16, 2016

Aug flew by

August went by really fast actually! It was great, to be honest

The kids started school back up!! I love my kids dearly, but we all do better when we have a break from each other! And the schools they attend are amazing!
We met up with Ayden's bio siblings and their families! It was so fun! Definitely should do it more.
Celebrated my birthday!! Jared was awesome and made it so I had time off from my duties. My mom came down to help! We dropped "baby" off for a visit, then Jared and I got dinner ... ALONE!... then went shopping for a bit. We went home to get the other 2 ready for bed, visited with my mom for a bit and then went to our hotel!
The morning of my birthday, we got up, helped get the kids up and had breakfast, went to the temple, and then my mom, my sis, and I went shopping, and to get lunch. We went home to have donuts, ... they left while my little family rested... we went to pick up "baby", got kids to bed, then Jared and i had dinner and movie in home date night. It was a great birthday!!

Moving on :o) We went up north and spent time with the Payne side of our family
Papa Payne spent a couple days with us!! He's so fun!!
Dad is amazingly fun too!!
Ayden took swim lessons at the city center. He did good! Had a hard time focusing, but I wasn't surprised when I got that report. Ayden absolutely loves the water.
We did a camp out in the back yard. Had a hot dog dinner
Then Jared and the older two slept in hammocks outside while I slept inside with "Baby"
Breeann's preschool had a chance to be in a city parade! Consequently, Jared and the kids were in it
They had fun! Jared said kids were done even before the parade started Bwhaha

We spent some time with Jared's aunt and her family. We did a whip cream game
Jared's trying to get Ayden more excited about scouts... even though Ayden's 3 years away. Never too early
So yeah, that was our Aug.  ... It was a blast. Good way to end the summer, to be honest!! Hope you all had an amazing end of the summer too!! Love to all!!

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