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Monday, December 19, 2016

Sept and Oct

Sept was a blur with both kids having a birthday, starting school, and we sent "baby" home to bio dad. So dang hard to let her go! But bio dad worked so hard from the beginning and is able to take great care of her, so better in the long run for her. He has texted a handful of times since. They seem to be doing great and she's getting so big!!! Oh and as mentioned in Ayden's birthday post, my phone got ruined with almost all my sept pictures. Soo... I think that's basically what happened in Sept. :oP

We started out Oct. with a hospitalization. As you see, she didn't mind. lol
For a few months there, Jared served as scout master AND assistant cub scout master. We were able to join the cubs in their pine wood derby. Of course the kids wanted dad to paint their faces like he did the scout who ranked. And my apologizes ... these are side ways and I can't figure out how to change them.
We did the traditional carving pumpkins!! Kids had a blast!! We let them direct their own design this year.
Unfortunately mine was facing the wrong way in the pic above lol Oh well... but its all good.

And here they are after a few days outside.
Felt like I should throw this in because I'm normally hiding in pictures :oP
Jared had a court of honor with his scouts. Ayden wanted to help do the flag ceremony. The kiddo Ayden's "helping" is one of their baby-sitters. He's great. And yes, Ayden is wearing one of his dad's scout shirts lol
One Sunday, Bree tackled her brother during sacrament, I took her out to talk to her and then told her she had to sit next to me, arms folded, totally quiet. Not even 5 mins later, I look at her and she's like this...
Kids ready for the ward Halloween party! Jared did their make up... isn't it great?!?
And this is where Oct. really fell apart :oP But I'll explain in Nov. post because that's when we really found everything, everything happened. Plus, you know, cliff hangers are good lol

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