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Monday, December 19, 2016

Breeann's 4 years old!

This little girl celebrated her 4th birthday back in Sept. (Yes, I'm way behind, trying to catch up :oP ) ... She seemed to have a good day of playing, school (Where they spoiled her), and a little family party. Things are normally low key for parties here lol

Anyway~ Bree has turned into a fun, imaginative little girl. Don't get me wrong, she is still FULL of sass and attitude, but unless she's tired or sick she's learned how to control it a bit. She is girly girl all the way! She LOVES painting her nails (on her own BTW), jewelry, playing that she's a mom, and babies. She can seriously hold a baby for hours and be okay with that. She spots a baby and you can almost guarantee she's going to ask the mom if she can hold it. She has learned lots at preschool! This is what her teacher said in her last progress report of Breeann:

Bree is doing great! Literacy: we are still working on her letter and sounds, but she's working hard and she's great with stories and comprehension:)! She's doing great memorizing sight words and is currently working on rhyming words. Math: Bree Is excelling in math and just learned basic addition :) she will be moving to kindergarten math tasks soon :). Bree loves games her favorite lately has been estimation games, she loves it when she wins :)! Social skills: Breeann is very social and loves playing with her friends especially if she can run with them :) she likes climbing on the jungle gym and she enjoys team work games. She has a variety of friends in her classes and is so happy to play with all of them :)

Bree has taught me sssooo incredibly much, and continues to teach me all the time. I have had to learn patience like no other girl with this little girl. And on more than one level I'd say. She can be the biggest sweetheart. Her love language is touch and words of affirmation. She could spend hours snuggling her dad (occasionally me), rubbing my arm, and rubbing her dad's ear. She said my ears aren't fun to rub because of my earrings. LOL!! You pay her a compliment and you have made her whole day. She looks up to her brother and tries to do everything he does (even if she's not quite ready or really like it).

As far as medically, ... I'll give an update later, but on her birthday she was doing amazing! Her doctor figured she was about 50/50 getting her calories from her IV and her formula/oral food. She had reached 37 pounds and like 3' 1" i think (i'm bad at remembering their height :oP ). She's a total rock star and champ when it comes to her health.

I think that about sums up my angel Breeann!! Happy birthday my princess!!!!

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