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Thursday, June 25, 2009

home study

Yes, today was the "big day" for our home study. It went really fast actually. Adrienne came over and asked us a few questions (ie. do we have a fire extinguisher, if we have our meds. locked up, do we have safety gates for our stairs, etc). She then talked to us about our birth parent letter. She gave really good advice. I'm hoping to have Jared re-work that tonight or this weekend, the latest. We then took her on a little tour. Yeah, not to much to see in our house. Anyway~ that was about it. We're finally done with that! I think we can be approved before we finish the letter. She also wants to have us put a paper collage together. We have one on-line, but she wants one to physically hand to birth parents as well. Hope this wasn't too confusing. If it is...

Moral of the story: we're a step or two closer to being approved for adoption!!

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The Wendler Family said...

Congratulations! To have the home study done is a big step! Its great to hear the update. :)