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Monday, June 8, 2009

We're late... sorry

Missionaries Family and Friends

I want to start out the letter with a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little brother Teancum. He turned 13 today and now my parents only have teenagers at home. Lucky for Mom and Dad, Teancum is a good kid. I also have to say congratulations to my brother Josh and particularly congratulations to his wife Jill who brought a baby boy into the family on Thursday. Michael William Payne looks really cute in all the pictures we have received of him. Good luck with the new baby.
When it comes to cell phones Devin and I disagree on when I should carry my cell phone. Devin wants me to carry it with me at all times. This is so she can easily get in touch with me when ever SHE wants. I like to be left alone and do not want to be found very often. I am suppose to call Devin when I am headed home from work, especially when I ride my bike. This lets Devin know when she can expect to see me at home. Devin likes to hear from me as often as possible too. Well, Wednesday I was riding my bike and I remembered to call Devin but the phone was in my backpack so I did not call. This got me in a little trouble, mainly because where having company over and I got home close to when they were going to arrive. The next day I was trying to help keep in touch with Devin so I put my phone on my desk. That makes it easy for me to get text messages from Devin. I even used the phone to coordinate lunch with my cute wife. I headed to the hospital where my beautiful wife was working when I realized a few things.
1.I did not have my phone on me
2.I did not know where in the hospital Devin was working
3.I was not sure that I knew Devin's phone number
This caused a small panic because it took me about half an hour to get to the hospital and I did not want the trip to be a waste. I was eventually able to remember what Devin's phone number was and I tried to call her and let her know I was there. Unfortunately Devin did not recognize the number and did not answer her phone. After a few minutes I tried calling again this time it looked like I as calling from staffing, Devin's department, and she picked up. I got to have a delicious lunch with my wonderful wife and the rest of the day was fun because I got to see Devin. Devin was a little agitated that I left my phone on my desk. It just goes to show that no matter what I do with my phone it will probably not be what Devin wants me to do. That leads to the conclusion that I should just not have a phone. Devin says that is not an option either. Maybe I will be able to remember my phone in the future. Devin is much better at that than I am.
My sister Jeni and her family came and visited this weekend. Bart's brother was getting married on Friday, so they came down for the weekend. I felt bad because I accidentally over scheduled this weekend. I had plans to go camping with the 11 year old scouts. Jeni's family showed up late Thursday and we had a good time with them. Friday morning I got to hang out for a while before the wedding and had fun with the kids. I was sad to go to work. I ended up getting home early and barley caught them before they left. Everyone was in the car and I barely had time to steal a kiss from Devin before she left. Everyone left Saturday morning and I did not get home 'til the afternoon so I missed out on all the fun. Devin got to play with everyone all Friday. She really was lucky.
One of the exciting things to happen for Devin this week is that she got a second calling at church. Devin is now the assistant primary chorister. Luckily this is mainly a Sunday calling. Devin will be working with the younger primary. Devin is excited to get to sing songs and have fun with the kids. She may also fill in as the pianist from time to time. Devin is such a lover of music that this calling is almost a relief for her. We are happy to hear from everyone and hope that you enjoy your week as much as we enjoy ours.

**note from Devin: they say it's a Sunday only calling. We'll see about that one. Love you all!

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Bart, Jeni, Jessica, Brian and Chelsea said...

Ok, first of all I must say again that Devin was a life- saving ANGEL! I don't know how we would have handled Friday w/ out her!

Also, Devin, primary chorister is a big calling... at first. (I've had it twice.) It takes a while for your brain to kick in to that gear and to see what works w/ kiddos. Don't let them fool you, it takes lots of prep time outside of Sundays... at first! You will do grrrrrreat!

One of my favorite chorister tricks is when the kids are rowdy I whisper, "If you can hear me touch your ears." "If you can hear me zip your lips; fold your arms." Pretty soon even adults are quieting down. I guess that everyone likes a game!

Sure love you guys!