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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Yeah, I'm a slacker. Sorry. Here is this weeks family letter:

This week started out with a few exciting events for Devin and me. Monday and Tuesday we went to LDS Family Services and had our individual interviews. They asked questions about how we plan to raise our family and we gave them the answers they wanted. Our case worker, Adrienne, is very nice. When I started my interview Adrienne just talked about how darling my wife is. I agree my wife is the most darling thing ever in the existence of the word darling. As a matter of fact I believe the word darling was invented just to describe Devin. Adrienne also told me Devin just talked me up something fierce when she was being interviewed. I think that I was a let down when she actually met me. I do want to point out that I was asked what I love about Devin and I replied that I just like being with her, holding her hand, and talking. There is not much better than being with the one you love, being in love with them. We where also told that there where not any red flags and this week we are going to have our home inspection. I do not know what day it is but I am sure that Devin will remind me and let me know the night before and the morning of the interview. We really are excited to get things rolling.

Saturday morning Devin and I were preparing for company this next week. Granddad and Grandma Hurst are coming into town for doctor visits and Mom Z. is coming to help with the appointments. This means there was a little prep work to be done. Like go grocery shopping for stuff. When we got home from the store we were putting things away and we ran out of room in the refrigerator. Devin looked at me and told me that we had to break one of our rules on where things go in the fridge. Devin insisted that we needed to put fruit in the crisper drawer. Now this may not seem like a big deal to many people but this is one of the items that drives Devin nuts. In the past Devin put fruit in the crisper drawer and I never looked in them to find the fruit. I looked and decided that just because it was out of sight we did not have any fruit. I could have looked in the drawers but that thought never crossed my mind. Devin caved and began to humor my bad habits and started not to use the crisper drawers after throwing out lots of food. I told her that I would not remember my apples for work on Monday if they where in the crisper. I started to think of how unintelligent I must be not to be able to look in the crisper drawer. I told Devin that we needed a sign on the door to remind me that the fruit is in the crisper. I have missed looking in the drawers already and hope to get better at it over the next few weeks. I am afraid that we may need to revert back to not using the crisper for anything but we are hoping for better results this time.

Earlier this week Devin and I ran the nursery for another ward while they had their enrichment activity. Devin let me play and have fun with the kids I spent about 30-45 minutes running around the room trying to catch the kids while they kept saying what delicious things they where made out of. Devin made a sly suggestion and told them to say they tasted like caramel, my favorite thing to eat. This drove the Jared monster crazy and we ran and ran around the room until I could not run any more. I am sure that the kids could have run for hours but I was tired. Since then I have had one thing on my mind, CARAMEL. Saturday night we spent some time with our neighbors EJ and Mollie. We got a movie and Devin volunteered to have me make caramel corn for everyone. I said yes and went to cooking one of my favorite deserts. I got out our binder with family recipes and started making the delicious confection. I started to add the last ingredient and realized that I was not making the correct thing. I was making real caramel and not popcorn caramel. I was devastated except for the fact that I got real caramel. OK, I was not mad at all I just wanted to have the caramel. I used half the caramel on the popcorn and saved the rest for another delicious day. I was very happy to have the caramel and was ecstatic that it turned out so good. Also the caramel on the popcorn was wonderful as well. I hope that my cooking works out that good for the rest of the week. We are excited to have everyone come over and play with us. Well I am. Devin is sad that she needs to study and not play. Here is to you having as much fun as we do.

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