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Monday, August 31, 2009

Sorry we're late... AGAIN!

Monday was the funnest day of the week. I can not remember a funner Monday in a a very long time. It all started out by me going to work. Well I did not have much fun I was at work and Monday is meetings day. Devin really had lots more fun than I did.

Yeah, my husband seems to be having difficulty writing the letter this week. I will take over from here. Monday, like he said, was a lot of fun. My grandparent came into town for doctor visits. I had the privilege of going to most of the appointments with them. It was fun. We had my brother, Nate, and his family over for dinner Monday night. It nice to just visit, watch their kids play, and just have a good evening together. We both enjoyed it. Tuesday was full of doctor appointments, work, and pack meeting. Jared led this pack meeting because our cub master is in the middle of the police academy or something like that. Our cub master is already a cop up in Salt Lake, but he's getting training to be a cop down here in Pleasant Grove. Anyway~ Jared led pack meeting. He did awesome! The boys absolutely LOVED how he presented their awards. It was a good night. Wednesday is the our week took a turn for the worse! Yes, we had a bad week. Could have been worse though. So, Wednesday I started my third (out of six) semester of nursing school. So far... I've been a bit stressed, but not as bad... I think. You'd have to ask Jared to know the real truth though. After school, I hung out with my grandparents, got them off back to their home, and had a... started out relaxing evening with my amazing husband. After dinner he got a migraine that lasted until about midnight. Well, about two in the morning Jared woke up with another kidney stone! I KNOW! Poor, poor man. I feel so bad for him. In all honestly though, this one isn't as bad as the last one. So far, there has only been once when I can't touch him, we haven't had an E.R. Visits, and he thinks he's felt it move down a few times. Crossing our fingers. The Lord definitely knows what He's doing though. As it turns out Jared has an appointment with the urologist on Wednesday. Jared has had this appointment for about six months now. We'll keep you all updated, but for now.. that's our excitement. Thurs. and Fri. were filled with work and school. Saturday I worked while Jared sat at home, trying to overcome the annoying pain. Yesterday, Sunday, ended alright. Jared hadn't really slept since Wednesday night, but Sat. night he got absolutely NO sleep. We just relaxed, had an easy Sun. morning. Our home teacher came over that morning (another tender mercy of the Lord- we set up this appointment with him like a week ago) and gave Jared a nice priesthood blessing. I was proud of Jared; he made it through all but about 45 mins. Of church. So... life is good! That about sums up our week though. Sorry I don't tell any exciting stories like Jared. Hopefully next week he'll be feeling well enough to write the letter. Please, please, please keep him in your prayers! Hope you all had a great week. Love you all!

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