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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

...our boring week

I had a doctor appointment this week. I was happy to go because I was hurting and not sleeping most nights. Wednesday was already scheduled I had to go see where my cholesterol is since I have been on zocor for the last few months. I was happy to see that I was close to having my cholesterol in check. Right now my good cholesterol is a little low still but everything else is in check. This made me and Devin very happy. While I was there I talked with my doctor and she got me a muscle relaxer and since then I have spent 12 hours every day sleeping. Just so you know the first half the week I only slept 3 hours a night and the rest of my day was wanting to sleep. The second half of the week I slept every chance I got and was happy doing that. That means I have not had any time to do any thing exciting.

My stunning seductress claims that nothing happened with her this week, but I know better. Our darling had her first Med/Surg clinical and that was exciting for my young beautiful bride. The clinical started out very boring the happy heroin went out and got report for her patient. The patient informed her attentive aid that she had decided to go through with a surgery. The patient has diabetes and needed to have several toes amputated. That is a warning for any one who has diabetes take care of it or you will loose your toes. The divine diva was thinking to her self if my patient has surgery I will get to sit around and take a nap. Then something wonderful happened an esteemed educator told my smoking hot wife that she could observe the surgery!!! I know most of you do not want to watch toes getting severed from someones foot, but for some strange twisted reason my most cuddly spouse wanted to witness the event. I was promptly called at work to let me know the joyous news. I thought to my self what type of person did I marry. My caring companion who would not hurt a fly wanted to observe some brutal event. I mean having your toes cut off is something you hear about in gangster movies. As the day went on I was expecting to hear from my demented debutant. Unfortunately the surgery started to late and the operation went on without the stunning siren. Because of this my let down lover came home dejected but excited to see something else gruesome in her operating room rotation next week.

We are sorry for the shortness of the letter this week but nothing really happened. We hope your week is more exciting than ours was this last week.

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