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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The week of Sept. 27

Devin and I have had a little tiff over the past month. I have had a kidney stone stuck and hurting for about 6 weeks now. I have been drinking lots and lots of water, trying to flush out that 1mm pokey thing. I have gone to the doctor and avoided everything that may be considered invasive. Devin on the other had has wanted me to go to the hospital and have a surgeon stick some stuff up my pee hole and go grab the sucker. Because of my last experience with that procedure I have been reluctant to go and do that again. I have told myself that this time it will not be as bad. This stone is very small. The last one was 8mm and was excruciating. I told Devin that I did not want to go back. Devin decided not to follow my wishes and called the doctor and set up an appointment to have the sharp pointy thing removed in 2 weeks. I have that much time to pass it on my own. Please pray for me not to need the procedure. That way I can win the argument. Remember my side of the argument is that I can pass pokes, the name of the stone, on my own. If you have any suggestions on what to do please let me know. I already drink lots of water every day and 2 glasses of orange juice, and NO I AM NOT FRUSTRATED!!!

Monday was a fun day for Devin and I. I really liked the evening because I got to spend the time with the most beautiful woman in the existence of women. That is right, I got to spend the evening with Devin. We had family home evening but this week we got to spend some real money on the activity. We normally max out the budget with a trip to the ice cream shop. Devin and I went out to a local grocery store where they were selling stuff cheap by the case and stocked up on food storage. We now have more sugar than I think we really need. We purchased 50lbs of white sugar. A case of powdered sugar and a case of brown sugar. If you need sugar and you are in the area feel free to drop on by. Other than sugar we also got lots of evaporated and sweetened condensed milk, graham crackers, and many more things that just taste good and is easy to store. One of my favorite things was tuna. Devin does not like it but it makes one of my favorite sandwiches. This may not be exciting for you but it is exciting for us. Devin is very good with money and we got everything we wanted and came in way under budget. My wife is not only good looking but good at budgeting.

Saturday was an exciting day. Well, the day was not exciting for me. I spent 16 hours at work and was very frustrated. My main break came at lunch time when I went to the hospital and had lunch with Devin. At the time I was very happy sitting next to Devin. I had a meatball sandwich and that made my life even better. At the same time Devin's sister, Melissa, was on her way past cloud 9 and headed out of the universe with excitement. First Melissa tried to text Devin a picture because what conveys happiness more than showing what is making you happy. Devin did not respond because her phone was in her bag. Darn work expecting you to put things to the side while you do what they pay you to do. At this stage Melissa's joy was overflowing and she was looking for a place to store the joy so she tried to call Devin. Unfortunately the man was still keeping Devin down and Devin still did not have her phone. At this point, to Melissa, it probably looked like there was a conspiracy to keep the flood of happiness contained. Melissa made her third attempt to talk to her sister by making a huge bet, she tried to call Devin using my phone. Lucky for Melissa I happened to be with Devin on her 30 minute lunch break at the time. The bad part was that I thought it was work calling and I was reaching down to silence the phone. I mean work could wait 10 minutes and I was going back right after lunch. Then I noticed something strange- Melissa's name was on the phone. I answered a little confused. There was obviously a hyperventilating woman on the other end asking for Devin but it did not sound like Melissa. I reluctantly handed Devin the phone and by the scream of joy from both girls I soon learned that just a little earlier Justin had proposed to Melissa. The text message has a picture of the ring which looks lovely. We are excited for Justin and Melissa and look forward to their wedding. We hope your week is as joy filled as Melissa and Justin's!

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