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Thursday, December 30, 2010


As promised here's our Christmas post. It was awesome. We didn't do anything like extraordinary, but we had fun. The 4 sisters went out to lunch, we visited, had more food involved, cooked, and cleaned. Jared and I were able to finish our Christmas shopping (I blame school for not getting it done before :o) ) We read Luke 2, watched Shan and Mel perform, and just had fun. I had the opportunity to meet up with two of my best friends, Jessi and Paula. I haven't seen Jess since my wedding! It was so fun being with those two! So fun. Anyway~ hope you enjoy the pictures. I've only put 5 of them. If you want to see more then look at our Picasa album (there's a link under the picture heading thing on here) or theres even more than picasa on facebook. ENJOY! Oh... be sure to watch the video. It was so hilarious I thought.

Shan and Josh

Shan and Mel... when we were younger Nate (my bro.) would make us sit on his lap while he would play the piano. Shan and Mel were reenacting this memory.

Me with my L.P.N. ornament. Thank you Anna!!

Jared with his Buddy ornament.

Jessi, me and Paula (left to right). So fun seeing them

And here's the hilarious video

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Jeni said...

Great post, Devin. & the video was pretty fantastic! Great shot!!