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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quite the week!

It's been a fabulous week, but a lot going on. All great stuff. So... I think I'll just go day by day since there's a lot. Some I got pictures of, some I didn't. Which I am very sorry about. I'll add pictures I have after the day it belongs too. They're all toward the end of the week.

Sun. and Mon.- wasn't too much. Monday I spent the day studying while my hubby got to spend the day relaxing. He had it off for President's Day.

Tues.- Jared went to work, left a tad early to go to the scout store for me, and was a humongous help with what I needed to get done. I went to school, studied, then took a test. (KILLER I might add. I hate test, especially this class) I immediately went to sit on a lecture and was in lecture from 1100-4:20ish. I normally have lecture from 1-6 but I had to leave early because we had our blue and gold banquet for cub scouts!! The leaders met at 5 to set up and we started at 6. It was a blast!! Sad to report I was too busy and didn't get a chance to pull out the camera. I need a little photographer following me. Any takers? lol

Wed.- Jared had his normal work day. He didn't have scouts because none of the scouts or leaders were able to go. All worked out, I guess. lol I watched our friend's 2 kids- ages 3 and 1. They're great kids!! That night I went to New Beginnings for Young Women's. They had asked me to be their pianist. HECK YES! Love working with the young women. Yeah, should have gotten a picture at New Beginnings and of these cute kids.

Thurs- Jared had his normal work day. He did come home early, which I really appreciated!!! I watched another set of kids- ages 3 and 1 as well. We had a blast!! I'll tell you now, no pictures of them. They're foster kids we watch, so state doesn't allow us to publicly post pictures of them. Anyway~ that night, I went visiting teaching, had my visiting teachers over, and Jared and I went on a date to In & Out for milkshakes. So good!!

Fri.- I had my last high acuity clinical. So grateful it's over!! Love the clinical experience but the paperwork is ridiculous!!! About a 15 page paper on my patient. Oh well. Guess I got to get use to all the paperwork, even if some of it seems redundant. It's over, I passed, and life is good.

this is my fabulous high acuity clinical group... before we began our shift. We don't look so nice after. lol!

Sat.- (I'll put pictures in between sections) Jared hung out in the morning while I had the opportunity to volunteer at a mock drill. What a mock drill is, is people getting trained how to be first responders in the event of a natural disaster. So what was I doing there? They had some of the volunteers act like the victims (broken legs, in shock, they lost their baby, etc.) I was asked to be the first aid nurse that the people being trained brought the victims too. So the trainees would bring the victims to me, tell me what was going on with them. I would have to ask questions, and tell them if/what they did wrong. Hope that makes sense. It was a really neat experience. I'd like to do it again... maybe be a victim next time though. hehe

The trainees getting ready to go out and find the victims

This is some of the supplies they had to work with

When I got home, Jared and I went to the grocery store, came home and ... Jared prep for having pizza that night. I took the chance to finally get finances in order, dishes under check again, and all that fun stuff. Later afternoon we had our trek group over. I'm kind of concerned because it seems to only be the same 5 out of 10 showing up. I hope the other 5 come too!! That night we went to my cousin's eagle court of honor. My granddad said all 5 of his grandsons have earned their eagle now. YAY!! I enjoyed seeing family, being there to support my cousin. Oh, and just FYI... I didn't add all the court of honor pictures here. Go to our picasa account (which you can get to from our picture tab) to view the rest.

My uncle Jim, Aunt Niki, and my cousin Tanner
Our faces are kind of funny in this picture. It's me, my granddad and my oldest sister. We were all 3 laughing so hard about songs Granddad would sing to us when we were little

My beautiful sister and gorgeous grandma

That was our week... in a nut shell! Hope you guys all had as great of a week as we did. Thanks for enduring to the end of this long post!! Love to all

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Nola said...

Busy, busy! I am glad you had fun being a volunteer for a mock disaster. Every October we had that training for work and it was super fun.