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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bit of an update

As usual we have been crazy busy, doing our normal stuff. We've been working on our expectant parent letter, that goes with our LDS online profile. We have a hard time writing one because... well, what do you say to a stranger, who's going through something you don't completely understand? a stranger who may give you the greatest gift of all? On top of, how do you fully convey who you are in just a letter? I don't know. We just hope and pray as we write it that we will touch the life of the family who is going to be part of our family! Anyway~ I guess it'd probably safe to announce... we do have another newborn coming into our custody. His online name will be "Thor" (as chosen by Jared). We have no clue about how long or anything like that. So I'll keep ya posted as we find things out.

I'll post more later on other happenings! Love to all!!


Stacy said...

Wow! you guys are keeping busy! Good luck with everything, and let us know if you ever need anything!

Sally said...

We agonized over that letter both times we had to write it. Good luck!