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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Sorry, this is another post without pics.

Anyway~ as I mentioned earlier, we are getting a new foster son. He will be known as "Thor" on line. I don't particularly care for it, but Jared likes it so I figured I get to pick the next one. :o) Anyway~ "Thor" was born Sept. 25. Due to stuff I can't go into too much detail about on here, "Thor" is in the NICU. We are able to go see him whenever we want! Usually ends up being like twice a day. I would do more, but ... dang that housework and life not stopping! hehe... "Thor" I would say has a very strong, determined spirit. He is a fighter. We love him already. "Thor" will probably be in the NICU for about another week and a half, maybe two weeks.

As far as his case with the state... who knows. As of right now, he is in our custody. His birth parents can go see him when they have a caseworker with them. They have supervised visits. Um... on Oct. 11 all the lawyers, caseworkers, the birthparents will meet and determine what they think birth parents should have to do to regain custody. On Oct. 12 it will go before a judge to make it a court ordered thing. If that makes sense.

So there ya go... there's what we can tell you all publicly about the case. Hope all is well with you guys. We're off to see our "Thor" baby! Love to all


Stacy said...

How exciting! I hope he can get out of the NICU soon!

Mel said...

good luck! landon is giving tho lots of love