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Friday, January 20, 2012

Bad at this blogging thing

I know I'm not as bad as some, but I feel like I am so bad at keeping up this blog! I think part of it is I can't post pictures of "Thor". 6 more weeks and we'll find out of if he's going to be our forever baby. I got a subpoena for our court hearing. Yeah, little nervous about that one. I don't know that it's completely hit me yet. I talked to the caseworker, she gave me a rough idea of what I'll have to testify about. That helped A LOT! Anyway~

Jared and I are, of course, same ol', same ol'. Pretty boring :o) Life's good that way, I think. My mom and younger sis. were in town last week for my niece's baptism. It was so fun having them around. There was just a lot of visiting, eating, and enjoying watching the kiddos play. I don't think I pulled out the camera like I should have ... but I'll double check and write another post.

"Thor" is a picky little kid! :o) He's an awesome, happy, smily, laughing baby. But he knows what he wants, when he wants it. I think that's typical baby though. The only thing that worries me is... so he'll be 4 month in like 5 days. I bet he ways 10-11 lbs. He's tiny! I know it's because he won't eat like he should. Right now, we're still in the process of finding a bottle he'll latch on too good. I think we found one, but we're still trying it out. I don't know... We go to the pediatrician for his 4 month check up on Monday. It will definitely be a topic of discussion there.

Think that's about it for this Payne household! Hope this finds everyone well!! Love to all!!!


Josh and Jill said...

That's so exciting! I tried a few different bottles with Hannah but all she likes are the cheap walmart bottles! He he! It's amazing to me how much personallity babies have right way. Good luck!

JLBills said...

6 weeks is gonna come crazy fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!