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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Eval results!

The evaluation went great! I'm so excited to be working with this company. Yes, "Thor" does qualify, BUT it's not what you're thinking... or maybe it is :o) He qualifies simply for his eating! He is fine and exactly where he should be in his movement, his response, etc. He's not developmentally delayed. It's just that darn eating!

GOOD NEWS though! We may have a solution. The occupational therapist that came for the feeding evaluation is thinking "Thor" has reflux! Now, I'm not glad he has reflux, but if it is, we can easily manage that. We're waiting to see if the pediatrician will let us start a med. He's out of the office today, so I will hear about that tomorrow.

Now, why all the sudden the suspicion of reflux? I'll be honest, I probably gave the therapist "you're a crazy lady" look. I feel bad, but once she started explaining and answering my questions I really think she could be right. So, "Thor" does not have the typical extreme spit-up/throw-up and he does not fuss, get colicky ... which is why I thought she was crazy. The therapist pointed out though (she tried feeding him and he should have been hungry while they were here) that he:

1) does better eating while sleeping- a sign that I didn't know about

2) it's kind of subtle, but he does have a pain response when the nipple come to his mouth and a bit during eating- didn't register that's what he was doing. noticed, just didn't think about it.

3) does better being held up when eating- once again, knew but didn't think about

4) the fact that he only eats little bits at a time

The therapist said that he may not have the colic, fussiness because... all he knows is he feels better than when he was born. He does know he can feel even better. Totally makes sense!!

So yeah... next step is doctor approval. I'm feeling like the worse nurse, momma right now for not catching all that. But I figure... nursing wise, I haven't worked with babies that much. And... everyone makes mistakes. Keep ya all posted. Until then, love to all!!


Fancy Schmancy said...

What a relief to find out!!! I hope the doctor jumps on board. Best of luck!!

Tranylle said...

We have a feeding specialist coming to help our son's eating issues twice a month. He has an aversion to eating, as he thinks that is why he throws up. He's also never has to eat before and knows he can survive without it. So I understand what you guys are going through! Good luck!

Tara said...

Feeding problems can be so stressful! Zacky had to be on soy milk and he was always under weight and the dr was worried about it.. look at him now! Max was the worst though! He had acid reflux. The medicine didn't work for him but babies almost always outgrow it around 9 months. I beat myself up all the time. Don't do that!! :-) You are a wonderful mom! !

Mel said...

dont worry bub, none of us get it right. how would you know if he wasnt doing the typical thing like landon did? landon sleeps better with his reflux when he's slightly elevated- my dr told me to put a pillow under his crib but he sleeps best in his carseat- like 8 hrs straight good. so maybe thatll help

Stacy said...

ah, Devin, you are a great nurse mama! But seriously, you can't be an expert on all ages/conditions! I hope the reflux meds help little "Thor"... and don't you feel bad about not catching it yourself (if it does indeed turn out to be the problem).

-Special Mothertivity- said...

Don't feel badly about yourself at all! Any mother could have made it and any nurse could have made it. You are a great mommy!!
The people who work for kids on the move do this all day, every day and are trained to catch these things. Just glad he qualified so he can get this feeding issues taken care of. :)