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Monday, January 2, 2012


Wahoo! A real blog post :o) So here's a bunch of random pictures of what we've been up to. I wish I could post more, but seeing as "Thor" is in those pics, I can't post them. The first two are Christmas Day. Obviously with "Thor" being in the house, Santa mainly focused on him. Jared and I weren't forgotten though.

Jared got one of the book in the "Alcatraz" series, by Brandon Sanderson. Jared also got a night stand. Hey, it's what he asked for.

I got this converter for my ipad. LOVE IT! I also got 3 new undershirts.

As couple gifts we got $50, new pots/pans, and other odds and ends.
"Thor" got a new outfit, footie pj's, lots of bath toys, some other toys, and books!

These next couple of pictures are from when Mom and Dad Payne visited! It was so much fun having them. We miss there terribly!

Wed. morning, we had breakfast at Jason and Michelle's. Carter decided to help Grandma and Dad with clean-up. Thanks so much again, Jason and Michelle! The food was yummy and it was a great time!

Tanner helping Papa!

Tanner using Grandma as a teething toy :o)

This is just a cute picture of Buddy! I think I woke him up from a nap

At the beginning of the month, we went on a hot date! Thanks to our great friends Heather and Blaine. They took "Thor" while we went to dinner and to see Michael McLean's "The Forgotten Carols". Jared doesn't particularly care for the play, but I LOVE IT!!

Think that's about all we've been up to. This week my aunt is coming into town, then the following week my mom's coming up for my niece's baptism! So... I will do my following best to take lots of pics! Some without "Thor" so I can post! But in all fairness, "Thor" is the cutest baby EVER so I can't help but take pics of him, have him in them. Here's to a fabulous 2012!! Love to all!!

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Tranylle said...

I love the Alcatraz books! Brandon sanderson is my favorite author! :)