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Sunday, May 3, 2009


So as many of you know we are getting ready to adopt! We are currently in the middle of writing our birth parent letter then we are ready to be finalized! We thought it be fun to show at least one pic. that we are putting on there.

This is the pic. we used for our Christmas card. Jared just wasn't cooperating in attending a concert with me, so I had to do something about it. I think he'll do better next year.

We thought that some of you might be interested in some of the "getting to know you" questions we had to answer for the birth parents. So here ya go! These ones weren't nearly intense as the ones they asked for the adoption agency.




A book I highly recommend is:

Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe

Believing Christ by Stephen R. Robinson

My favorite flower is:

Texas Wild flowers I like all of them, but if I had to pick one it'd be tulips.

A game I like to play is:

soccer the card game Rage

The music I listen to most is:

classical country

A movie I watch over and over is:

The Quiet Man Flicka

A T.V. show I watch regularly is:

Stargate, either SG-1 or Atlantis 7th Heaven

My favorite thing to buy is:

cooking gear

7th Heaven episodes

I drive a:

Honada Civic Honada Civic too!

If I could afford anything at this moment I would buy:

motorcycle house

A smell that makes me pause is:


Jared! not in a bad way though

My favorite restaurant is:

Bombay House Thai Garden

A moment when I achieved absolute happiness was:

coming home to family after work marrying Jared

My favorite meal is:

oooh, so many ribs, with any kind of potato, and corn on the cob

A piece of music that makes me sentimental is:

anything by Louie Armstrong "Bubbly" by Colbie Cailat

Someone or something that made me laugh this week was:

how ugly my cake turned out my amazing husband

My earliest memory is:

being told I could't jump in the pool my kindergarden teacher

My first paying job was:

dishwasher at Golden Corral

working for my parent's company cutting chicken

A smell that reminds me of my childhood is:

wild flowers

horses, or farms in general

My favorite dessert is:


peanut butter blossoms

When I exercise, I like to:

ride my bike

listen to my ipod when I go walking

My favorite thing to do on a date is:

kiss Devin

cuddle and be with Jared

The best thing about being married is:

going to bed early

early bedtime!


Anonymous said...

Wow, those are some pretty amazing questions and answers. :o)

Bart, Jeni, Jessica, Brian and Chelsea said...

What? Jared smells? BTW, I am totally with you on the cheesecake, Jared!

Dawn-Marie said...

Brad is jealous because his bedtime was pushed back!