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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

family letter May 3, 2009

Missionaries Family and Friends 

Here is a fact you probably do not know about me. I grind my teeth at night. This is a small fact that normally is not worth mentioning, but this week it has special significance. Two months ago I got a night guard at Wal-Mart to prevent me from grinding my teeth. This worked well for a little while. The guard was made of silicone which made it easy to mold. The soft silicone made a very good seal so it was easy to create a vacuum in my mouth. This created a point where there was lots of friction and a sore formed on the top of my mouth. Three weeks ago I went to the dentist he took a mold of my mouth and had a custom night guard made special just for me. Tuesday I went to the Dentist to pick it up. Here is where the story gets interesting. They where trying to make the final adjustments to the night guard and asked how it felt. I calmly pointed out that one of the wires that holds the guard in place was digging into my gums. I pointed out the blood on the wire and said it really hurt. The dentist insisted that my teeth would adjust and it would be fine. He then sent me home. I hope that none of your dentists send you home with a device that goes in your mouth that makes your mouth bleed. After a few days I called to get the thing adjusted. They just cut off the wire and sent me on my way. I was very disappointed because the guard was made wrong the wire that poked in my gums was a lot longer than the ones that did not. They should have had the guard remade. Needless to say I am getting a new dentist. Even though I was very frustrated the guard works and I think it is a funny story even if you do not.

This weekend has been a very cool. Devin and I headed down to Cedar City for the graduation of Melissa, Devin's sister. I believe Melissa received her degree in Physical Education. When we got to Cedar we headed directly to an award meeting. Melissa had been nominated as the outstanding student for her degree, I think she should have won but I was not one of the judged. Later that night we attended Melissa's the seminary graduation. That was more fun afterward because we had the opportunity to meet her Bishop and other friends and leaders. Melissa has been very active in her ward and seems to have pulled many people together. The next day Devin, Shannon, Mom Z, and Melissa went to commencement. President Thomas S. Monson spoke. Because of that there where limited tickets and I did not go. Just so you know I HATE graduation ceremonies and was happy to be left out. I ended up taking care of my nephew Taylor at the hotel. We went swimming at the pool and had a great time watching “Sponge Bob Square Pants”. After the swim I had to get Taylor ready for the Education Commencement ceremony. As I was trying to get Taylor ready I noticed that there was a major problem. Taylor did not have any cloths. Taylor did not pick up his back pack with cloths and someone accidentally placed his cloths back into Mom's truck. With no keys or any thing I had to bring Taylor in his swimsuit and a wet t-shirt because he jumped in the pool with it on. I felt sorry for him he was was freezing when we went outside. Commencement was boring as expected I think everyone fell asleep at some point. Even Melissa said she dozed off during the meeting. After commencement we had a little more fun. Melissa got some pictures with her teachers and friends. I always like to watch and see the relationships that form over time. It was an exciting time to be graduating but it is also a little sad to say goodbye to so many friends.

On the way home Devin was going to drive and I was going to ask her a questions about physiology and pharmacology. I did not sleep well the night before and being dyslexic in a moving car did not help I was having trouble even reading anything. I decided to take a quick nap and then I may be able to help Devin. 2 hours later I woke up and we where almost home. Devin was a champ I do not think she really wanted to study. She has been working very hard at school and deserves credit for all she has done. She also has exams this week so if you have room in your prayers through Wednesday Devin could use the help. We are excited to see everyones lives moving forward and wish you a very fun week.

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