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Monday, May 11, 2009

family letter

Dear missionaries, families, and friends,

Happy Mother's day to all the mothers! Hopefully you all had a good one. Life has definitely had a different twist this week, but in a good way! Monday was our normal work day. Nothing to exciting at all! Tues. and Wed. was not the norm. though. I took my finals for the semester. I have to stay, they didn't go bad at all. I don't think I can tell you how glad, and relieved, we both are that they're done. I finished and passed first semester of nursing school! YAY! My husband has been absolutely amazing this whole semester. I feel bad... I know I've had to unfortunately not pay as much attention to him as I would have liked to (as one of the past family letters would confess). Also, starting Wed. afternoon, I can't count how many times Jared has made the comment “I'm so happy to have happy Devin back! No more stressed Devin”. Totally heartstrings jerker. I must say I'm glad to be not nearly as stressed too. I have to tell the sweet thing that my Jared did. So, Tuesday night he made sure I was asleep then at one in the morning, he went and got me chocolates and flowers! He left the chocolates on my front seat so I would get them when I left for me last final. Then when I talked to him right after I finished my final, he told me to look in the trunk of my car. When I did, he had flowers back there! Isn't he the sweetest? Thank you so much to all for you love, support, and prayers during this time too! They were definitely felt! Thursday, unfortunately, was a work day again. Friday was a BLAST though. I got to spend the whole entire day with my amazing husband, doing WHATEVER we wanted. It was way over due, and so much fun. We ended up being in the car, traveling lots, but it was totally worth it. Gave us time to talk! We went up to Jeni's and had lunch. We also went shopping to find some new clothes for me (we'll get into that later) and went out to dinner with Shannon and Mel. Oh, I think I forgot to mention that my sister, the one who just graduated college, moved up to Salt Lake on Monday. Anyway~ so after dinner with them we just went home, got ready for bed, put on a movie. We both ended up falling asleep early in the movie. Sat. Was a busy, but fun day. In the morning Jared and I got somethings done. He then took me to the airport and I left to come to AZ to see Anna, my sister who had a baby at the end of March. Let's go with what Jared did yesterday and today, then me. Jared left the airport then went up to Jeni's again. He sent the parents on a date and can you guess what he did with the kids? This is so unlike Jared (in a sarcastic voice). He sugared up the two kids! He got them reeses peanut butter cups, angel food cake with strawberries. He got them... I can't even remember all of it. I think ice cream, salt water taffy was in there. You get the pic though. I'll have him write about it next time. I know he also spent time fixing Jeni's computer. Now onto my time in AZ so far. My sis. Picked me at the airport and we went clothes shopping. So, as most of you know, I am the type that hates to spend money AND I hate shopping. Hence, I don't get new clothes often. Well~ lately I've been saying how I need new clothes. Jared decided the way to get me to go is to send me to AZ with no extra shirts and no church dress! He also called Anna on me and asked her to do this. Those of you who know Anna knows she gladly accepted! So we went shopping. I must admit, the spending part wasn't as bad as I thought. We went to Ross and got really good deals. Still don't like shopping though. I have already decided on my way to thank Jared. Jared has much of my attitude on shopping, if not worse. I think most of his clothes are older than mine. I decided that he is going to have to go shopping to get himself new clothes too. Only, we won't be lucky to have someone helping him. Back to my stay here in AZ, after Anna and I went shopping we went to her in-laws and spent the evening there. We had a great time swimming, eating, and talking. Today we went to church then went to our aunts house to have a family dinner. It was so much fun seeing everyone, talking, and enjoying delicious food. I think that about covers this week. Like I said, definitely a different twist. Great one though. Sorry this isn't as exciting as Jared's. Hope everyone had a great week too!

(Jared) I just want to add that I have really enjoyed being with Devin more than usual after her last exam on Wednesday. Devin has been stressed with school, work, and scouts. Not having school, the biggest stress, has really relived Devin. I want to say thanks to any one who has said a prayer or given her words of encouragement. As many of you know we have started a blog. I think the purpose of the blog is to allow potential birth parents get to know us. That is the reason that I populated the blog with 6 months of family letters. Devin seems to really like blogging and even took 40 pictures of me at physical therapy this week. I have a more modest goal of having 2 pictures to go with the family letter each week . This week I wanted a picture of happy Devin and stressed Devin. Saturday morning I was trying to get Devin to pose for a few pictures. Notice that Devin is happy with a great big smile and very little stress in her eyes. I then tried to get Devin to put on a stressed look while pretending to study her school book. I kept trying to take pictures of her studying and being stressed, but unfortunately for the picture and fortunate for me happy Devin shines through much brighter than stressed Devin. If you look at the stressed picture Devin is covering her mouth because she can not stop smiling. You can even see the smile extending past her hand. I tried and tried to get a stressed look from my extremely happy and beautiful wife but I was unable to do so. It is really nice to have such a happy loving wife in my life. I can not tell you how much joy she brings into my life, even when she is stressed. I love you Devin and hope you have a great time in Arizona.

stressed Devin

Happy Devin

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