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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our happy week!

Devin is the cutest!!!!! Since she is looking at the computer while I am writing the letter I thought I would let you all know that this just happens to be true. Devin is rolling her eyes as I am typing trying not to admit what I think is plainly obvious. She is now claiming that every part of the proceeding lines is a lie. We will let you judge for yourself on who is telling the truth.

I want to point out that I have happy Devin back in my life. This story starts a few months ago. Devin started her second semester of nursing school and I continued the long and strenuous process of not going to school. Devin really does not like to study books. Devin prefers to take time with patients and help them feel better. Devin loves to care for others which is why she will be a STUPENDIOUS MOM. The summer semester at school is short and the book she for the class had 50 chapters and felt like it weighted 50 tons. I told Devin that she needed to get the book in installments of what she needed for the week and only carry that around. Devin insisted that the book was needed as it came. I feel sorry for anyone who has to carry around such large books. I am sure that when you are old that you will be able to blame your back problems on your school books. Well, back to the story. Devin has spent many hours every day studying like an insane person. Devin will study for hours on end with no breaks and just trying to cram each detail into her head, in the hope that it will help someone in need someday. The stress of the semester had come to a head. The final exam was Thursday and Devin bravely went into the testing center and took the final step in the class. Devin hurried out of the building where she finally got cell phone reception and called me to brag about her good grade in the class. I was happy to answer and then surprised her at the school with flowers and chocolate. We then went out to lunch and ordered a huge meal. As a matter of fact we had so much left over we planned on taking the leftovers home for dinner, but that did not happen. Our excitement level was so high that we were a significant distance away before we realized that we left the food on the table. Since I now have a happy wife that is not stressed about school, at home life has become even more fun with Devin.

Not much else was important this week but I did have a dream I thought you all might like to hear about. It was a hot summer day and the press was out in droves trying to talk to anyone who knew my brother Brian. You see Brian was about to do something incredibly cool and everyone wanted to be there. Brian had created the worlds largest balloon. Just to get an idea about how big the balloon was, it was so big that there where rooms inside the balloon. Not compartments attached to the balloon like a zeppelin but actual rooms in the balloon. I mean what could be cooler than this huge red balloon in the sky? Everyone was outside and enjoying the view and everyone was talking about how brilliant my brother was and how he is a visionary. One of the news reporters came up to me and started to talk about some fun facts about the balloon like the fact that the balloon was not only the shape of the country New Zealand but also the size of New Zealand. For some reason in my dream New Zealand is shaped like Japan. Then something exciting was about to happen. Brian was going to go up to the balloon to christen it. Now if you have a country sized balloon up in the sky how would you get up to it. I think it is obvious. You tie a rope at the entrance of the large balloon as a guide wire and you use another balloon to lift you up into the one in the sky. As Brian got to the world record holding balloon Brian pulled out a knife and popped the New Zealand balloon. When he drifted back down everyone asked why he popped it. He replied “What else do you do with a balloon other than pop it?” Many people where disappointed that the balloon was popped but Brian told them that next year he was building a balloon the size and shape of Europe and they could watch him pop that one as well. Everyone went wild. I am not sure what this dream means but one thing is sure, my brother Brian is brilliant. We hope that you enjoy your week as much as I will enjoy being with happy Devin.

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Nola said...

Devin is wonderful at taking care of everyone! I am glad this semester turned out so well!