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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Who wants to see pictures?

I've got a bunch of pictures that I need to put on here!! Once again, there is a brief explaination on the top of each picture. ENJOY!!

Here we are at temple square on my birthday! Sorry about the shadows.

Holding the present Jared got me. Isn't it beautiful? You can see my new picture in the next image.

Happy couple!

Another happy couple. My beautiful younger sister, Mel, with her boyfriend, Justin. He just returned from a two year church mission. He served in Uruguay!

BEWARE of the sisters :0)

To celebrate my birthday, I went to get a pedicure with my sis.-in-law Jeni and her daughter, Jesi. It was their first expierence. I think I got them hooked.

Gorgeous Jeni

Jesi... she was about to fall asleep! Can you find her lounging in the chair?

This is my other niece, Chelsea. She was excited for the cake! YUM!

Sweet Jeni made my birthday cake. According to Jeni, the first one didn't turn out right. Despite my protest, she wanted to make another one. She's holding the first cake. I have the second cake. The first cake did taste yummy, just like the second one. Thanks Jeni!

This one was fun. Jesi wanted to wet, she was grounded from the hose (due to unfortunate circumstance). The solution? Uncle Jared to the rescue! Jared was more than happy to squirt Jesi with the hose.

Jared's evil laugh

Jesi's sad face. Although, I must admit, she really wasn't upset.

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