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Sunday, August 23, 2009

our weekly letter

Last week was so busy I was not able to get the family letter out but we did have some stuff that was interesting. I want everyone to know that I am the favorite brother in my family, and that is saying something because there are 8 boys in my family. I found out about my most favored position last Saturday. I was over helping my brother Jason move into his new apartment. I had just helped unload the cars and we were about to head over to the storage unit for the second load. Now Jason wanted to express his appreciation and love for me by getting me a bottle of water. Jason soon realized that a bottle of water is just a minor token of gratitude and he wanted to increase the value of his gift. He thought “What if I went to the store and got the most expensive bottle of water for Jared?” Jason soon realized that the most expensive bottle of water would only cost 5 dollars at the most. My brother felt dejected and unsatisfied by the small value of the gift he wanted to give. Then a bright idea came into his heart on how to increase the value of the bottle of water. Jason realize that there was a bottle of water inside his car and that his car window was down. Most of you do not see how to add value to a bottle of water with this simple setup but Jason was not deterred and figured out how to accomplish his goals. As my younger sibling leaned into his car to get the water he took the time to smash his front tooth on the side of the car. This simple action looks to add $1000 dollars to the value of the bottle of water. I do not know about you but anyone who gives you a drink of water that costs that much must really like who they are giving that water to. This simple act proves that I must be the most favored brother. If you have an example of how you are the most favored brother let me know I would be glad to judge your status in comparison to mine.

This last week was really lots of fun for Devin and me. I took Thursday and Friday off for 2 good reasons. The first is that Devin is out of school and we wanted to go have fun for a day or two. The second reason is that Thursday was Devin's birthday. I decided to have lots of fun with Devin and celebrate being with my wonderful wife. We started the day out by doing something that Devin has been harassing me about for a long time. We went out to breakfast at a restaurant down the road. We had a great time cuddling in the booth and celebrating being together. We came home and got ready for the day and had a good time watching a movie and holding Devin. We then left and went to temple square. At temple square we walked around the visitors center and went to the family history center and looked up family members on the computer. We also did what we did on our first pseudo date and watched the Joseph Smith movie. We also had lunch at the Lion House and got pictures. Devin and I had lots of fun and chilled out. We then went to Brigham City and played with my sister Jeni and her family. The kids ran around and we sat under the shade of a tree and talked. For dinner we went to Devin's favorite restaurant, Wendy's. I will point out that my wife is a cheap date because she is happy with a junior frostie and a order of small french fries. We took this to the park and had fun being with family. That evening was when all the fun started at the Brockbank home. Jeni's older daughter Jesi complained of a stomach ache. Soon after that she threw up. This was only the start by morning Jeni was not feeling well and Bart had been puking during the night. By morning most people where feeling alright and the day looked like it was going to be a fun day. Then little Brian started to feel sick. He spent most of the day on the bathroom floor because he did not want to be far if he threw up. We did not let Brian stifle fun and played games most of the day. The girls also went out and got pedicures. Devin and I were sad that we had to leave. We really liked playing.

Unfortunately Devin had to work on Saturday. I was sad when I woke up and Devin was not there and I then learned that she had been feeling sick and was throwing up early that morning. I felt bad for my wife; having to work and being sick. I spent most of the day at a family reunion. It was really a BBQ at a local park. It really made it easy to attend. There was a lady who talked about what was going on with family history. We also had fun with the kids. There was a fun water balloon fight and everyone enjoyed being together. I just wanted to help Devin. She is feeling better now and we hope you do not get sick like everyone else this week. We love you and wish the best!

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