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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This last weekend was a blast! Unfortunately I didn't get as many pictures as I was hoping too. Anyway~ we had Jared's sister, her family, her in-laws, Jared's brother, his family, and Jared's other brother. lol Did you follow all that? ;0) We had a fun visiting, playing, and lots of food. The most important part was General Conference! For those who don't know, general conference happens every 6 months. It's where we get to hear from the leaders of our church. They give wonderful guidance and encouragement. Always a spiritual upliftment. Let's just say I have lots to work on.

Here's a little video of Buddy "dancing" with Jared, our nieces, and nephew.

He normally "dances" better. I think he knew I was recording. :0)

I have to tell you about another cute/funny thing Buddy did. These last couple of days has been on and off storms. This means mud! Mud everywhere. I let Buddy out in the yard to go do his business. I checked on him maybe 2 mins. later and this is how I found him...

definitely a face only a mother can love. lol


The Thomson Three said...

Your little pup is SO cute! Thanks for commenting on my blog so I can now peek at yours! Is it ok to add you to my blog list?? I already did, so...hope its ok:) Jeff and I were talking about you today, and were just wondering if all is well with you. I saw your adoption profile, and thought any child that comes into their family is going to be extremley blessed. We are seriously praying for you guys. We love you and miss you tons. We would love to have you over ANYTIME! Let me know your schedules!

Jeni said...

Hey Devin! Thanks so much for letting us invade your space for the weekend!! We really enjoyed it & appreciate your generosity & love!! Cute video!!


Jeni said...

Oh yeah! The new blog looks FANTASTIC!!

Sara said...

That dog is well loved! Even with muddy paws! :) Love the new blog by the way!