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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grandpa Zobrist

Today is sad, yet happy, day. My grandpa passed away. He was 83 years old. Grandpa was definitely a one of a kind man. Grandpa was married to my grandma for ... just less then 50 years. She passed away April of 1998. LaDonna (she's the one in the above photo), his second wife, has been in the family about 5 years? Sorry... I may be off on how long things are. Anyway~ Grandpa, my dad, and some other family owned a poultry company for years. We'd love to go to work with my parents, play with Grandpa and Uncle Reed (my dad's uncle, my grandpa's brother). Of course Grandpa and Uncle Reed giving candy and money always helped. Melissa (my younger sister) definitely got the good end of that deal. My fondest memories are of Grandpa swimming with us grandkids. My grandparent's, as far as I'm concerned, ALWAYS had a pool in their backyard. Every Sunday we'd go see my grandparents at their house. It was definitely good times.

*Below is a 4 generation picture (with the 3rd generation missing). In there is my nephew, his grandfather (my dad), and Dad's Dad (my grandpa).

So why do I say it's a sad, yet happy, day? It's sad because, of the obvious. I'm going to miss my grandpa dearly. Since I moved from home I hadn't gotten to see him as often. I'd look forward to seeing him when I'd go home. He's Grandpa! It's happy though because... he was diagnosed with parkinsons about the beginning of this year. He was struggling and just was ready to go. It's happy because we know where Grandpa is, we know he's free of his pains and suffering, and more importantly... we know we'll see him again on the other side. Love you Grandpa! Miss you already!

Here's a link to his obituary... if you want to look.

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Jeni said...

Aaaaah. So sorry Devin! Glad you have an eternal perspective, though. Sure love you girl!!